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Apple event: What you need to know
Scott Navratil

Every time Apple has an event where it introduces new product, people get excited to hear what happened. So what exactly did you miss at today’s event, and how was it received? Well, it looks as if investors may not be all that impressed with all the news about the iPad and iWatch, especially after the release of iOS 8 was so unimpressive and came with so many problems. Stocks have been dropping all day.

All about the iPad

The thinnest iPad ever will start shipping next week (or at least that’s what they are hoping). It is thinner than a pencil but still works better than any other before. It is going to be faster than ever and will hopefully be the one product you use for photography. Apple is still pushing photography with an iPad, according to ABC News, despite the fact that it hasn’t quite caught on. There will also be a new iPad mini. Both of these could be used instead of a phone to do things such as text, which might come in handy as your business is trying to manage an automated texting platform such as the kind Business Texter sells. Having a larger screen could make a big difference, especially since the iPads are so much faster than ever before.

Where is the iWach? We want it now

People are still waiting for the iWatch, but don’t get your hopes up on seeing it anytime soon. Maybe you’ll be able to get one next year sometime, as the announcement said they are hoping to release early next year. Meanwhile, you can dream about what to do with the watch and whether or not it will meet your expectations. At the very least, you can expect to still be able to market to customers through text since the watch will be able to receive texts.

Get your Apple Pay going

A new app to potentially make your life easier is Apple Pay, which allows you to combine all bank accounts and credit cards into one app on your phone. You can expect access to it starting on Monday. This is getting the most excitement because businesses want to see if it will really revolutionize the way people spend money, much like the credit card revolutionized spending habits. Your business should be watching to see what happens as well, as apps like this could change the way you do business.

Investors not pleased

Apple was hoping to get investors excited again by unveiling the new iPad, but the truth is that people just don’t think the technology is improving fast enough for it to matter, according to USA Today. iPad sales have been struggling for some time now, and that means investors are worried about the value of Apple as a whole. If Apple could get a new CEO who cared like Steve Jobs did, maybe they’d be able to improve with new products and services, which would sure make investors happy.


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