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Google and Apple playing nice? It won’t last long
Scott Navratil

It is pretty unheard of that Google and Apple actually play nice, so most people are pretty surprised to find out that they have both agreed to a Disney deal together. Leave it to the magic of Disney to be the thing that brings together enemies such as Google and Apple and leave all the customers with a great app in its place. But will this lead to future endeavors where the companies work together?

Disney Movies Anywhere app

Disney, being the pretty intelligent and kid-friendly company that it is, recognized a need to be able to use digital movies on multiple platforms. Either people are angry their movie will only work on iTunes or they are upset they can’t get it onto iTunes after they watched it on an Android device. That is why it created the Disney Movies Anywhere app that allows you to sync all your Disney movies with both devices, according to TUAW. The cross-platform announcement is going to make the app a huge success for people. In fact, people have already jumped on with support for the app.

Collaboration on other apps

The only unfortunate part of the app is that it only works for Disney movies. That means fans of other films won’t have the same luxury, though it’s something I’m sure most people would love with all their movies. It is possible that other companies will see the success of Disney and start trying to offer other apps that have similar purposes, of which we may or may not see Google and Apple willing to agree. They would likely agree on a similar deal exclusive to movies, but most likely they would be unwilling to ever agree to music-sharing or allowing iTunes downloaded to your Android device. Those are the kind of compromises that may never work.

Cross-platform a good thing

One of the reasons why Apple does not allow for cross-platform changes is because it is scared people may switch from it’s expensive and premium products to another brand simply because customers have the same accessibility as you would with, say, an iPhone. However, Google doesn’t seem quite as concerned about that, but that is possibly because there are a variety of phone options with different prices available on its platform. Apple doesn’t offer that same luxury, but it makes one wonder how good an iPhone really is if Apple has to maintain such control over its customers to keep them from wandering away. Though a lot of people use Apple not just for the iTunes, a lot of people hate it because of its lack of compatibility with Google. Maybe, if the two worked together, they could create phones more people liked and develop more trust with customers, but we shouldn’t expect to see that anytime soon.


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