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Mobile trends marketers should know about
Scott Navratil

The mobile industry is constantly evolving and changing. Recognizing those changes and adapting for them is the key to success for the mobile marketer. If mobile marketers want to continue to reach their target audience, they will need to follow the mobile industry closely and recognize ways they can adjust their strategies. Here’s a look at five trends in the mobile industry and how they should be affecting mobile marketers.

Mobile is growing

The most important trend, and one that marketers are already keenly aware of, is that the industry is growing. There are currently 6.8 billion mobile subscribers in the world. Studies show that 56% of adults in America own a smartphone. As mobile usage increases, so does mobile marketing and mobile commerce. Mobile ad spending is expected to reach 11.4 billion in 2013. Also, 24% of mobile phone users report using their mobile phone to make a purchase and 38% of tablet users say they have used their tablet to make a purchase. As more people are using mobile devices, and using them to make purchases on the go, a good marketer will adapt by continuing to push for mobile commerce.

Purchases via app

A popular trend lately has been mobile apps that allow frequent customers to purchase more easily. Starbucks customers for instance, can now pay for their morning coffee by pulling out their phone and opening their Starbucks app. The customer’s phone essentially replaces their credit card by wirelessly sending payment information to the cash register. There are a number of key ways that marketers can capitalize on this. If a company has a mobile app, introducing mobile commerce into that app is a good idea.

More immediate consumer reviews

The ability to immediately review a product or meal on mobile devices is changing things up. When a customer has a positive or negative experience with a business, they are less likely to write about it by the time they get home. Now, mobile users can use their mobile devices to instantly review a product or service. Businesses in the food industry especially would be wise to encourage customers to write positive reviews.

Location based marketing and small businesses

More and more small businesses are getting in on the location based marketing action. Businesses owners that aren’t at least exploring the idea of location based marketing could be missing out big time.

Apple Passbook

At first, Apple’s Passbook app was that annoying app everyone wanted to delete but couldn’t. Now consumers and businesses are learning to use it. Business owners that learn to integrate Passbook functionality into their strategy stand to gain.


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