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New smartphones arrive: What features do you want?
Scott Navratil

This week, we have seen new smartphones released from both Nexus and Droid. They are sleek and perfect for regular use. They both are hoping to nail the holiday market. The phones are both really nice and fairly popular, but which one is better? Which one has the best options that come with it?

All about the Nexus 6

One of the best things about the Nexus 6 is that it will be carried by all wireless carriers throughout the U.S. rather than being contracted with just one or two of the carriers. That means there is a lot more flexibility for picking up the phone no matter what company you are working with. Another nice thing is that the phone has almost all the features you would want in a new smartphone, with the exception of a microSD card slot, according to Still, you get a really nice 13 megapixel camera with front-facing option and a fast processor. With a 5.96 inch display, it is very large and gives you ample ability to text, email, and surf the web.

Droid Turbo: How does it compare?

The other phone we are looking at is the Droid Turbo. One of the downfalls to this phone is that you can only get it with a Verizon phone plan. Since a lot of people are using Verizon, many of them don’t care about that detail, but those trying to get nice phones with cheaper phone plans may not be very happy about the exclusivity. The Turbo is a new smartphone that actually runs very similarly to the Nexus 6. It has the same processor and memory capabilities, though the screen is slightly smaller at only 5.2 inches. The camera is a lot better though as it has a 21 megapixel camera sensor. The other really great feature about the phone is the ability to charge 8 hours worth of battery life in just 15 minutes worth of charging. This makes it way easier to charge your phone quickly if you forgot overnight or if you ran out of juice too fast that day.

Features you need to worry about

The truth is, both of these phones are fairly well-made and stand up to the competition. They are very similar, though they beat each other out in different categories such as size and camera. But all you need to really worry about is the texting aspect since texting is a huge form of marketing to consumers. As long as the phones that come out keep having texting on them, you’ll be able to easily access your customers through texting as a form of communication. Texting will continue to always be a part of the smartphones being released. Even dumb phones have texting capabilities because of how important it is. Your customers love knowing they can text you for answers to their questions and will get a response back quickly, and you love not having to have a team to text them back. Make sure you stay on that, and it doesn’t matter what new phones come out.


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