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Reach More People With Our Church Texting Service
Claudia Perez

Our group texting service for churches can help your ministry improve communications and reach people where they already are—on their phones.

  •  Follow up automatically with guests
  •  Send announcements that get read
  •  Grow membership and attendance

Reach More People With Our Church Texting Service


C3 Church is using SimpleTexting for Text Marketing Services
CT Church is using SimpleTexting for Text Marketing Services
Life Chapel is using SimpleTexting for Text Marketing Services
Central Church is using SimpleTexting for Text Marketing Services
Gardendale is using SimpleTexting for Text Marketing Services
Granada Church is using SimpleTexting for Text Marketing Services

Why Do Churches Use Text Messaging?

Thriving churches use texting because it’s a powerful, proven way to connect with congregations. People want to text and connect with their religious community. Just look at the numbers.

90% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes. Even in a busy world, texts help you get in front of your church members.

89% of Americans say they believe in God. But on average only 36% of people identify as weekly religious service attendees.

66% of people prefer texting over phone and email. Keep your members informed and connect with them instantly.

How to Use Text Messaging for Your Church or Ministry

If you want to make sure your messages get read, send them by SMS. Our texting service allows churches, ministries, and other religious organizations to deliver important messages to their congregations or supporters.

Increase Attendance at Your Church Events

Increase Attendance at Your Church Events

Sometimes a newsletter just isn’t enough. Send text announcements about upcoming sermons, bible studies, mission trips, and other events.

  •  Bring more members of your community together
  •  Notify volunteers and church staff of schedule changes
  •  Reach specific ministries or everyone at once

Quickly Gather Contact Info from Guests

Quickly Gather Contact Info from Guests

Build your list of phone numbers easily! Ask people to text a unique keyword to an easy-to-remember!

  •  Create a memorable text-to-join word
  •  Automatically ask members for their emails
  •  Sync emails with Mailchimp and other platforms

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Effortlessly Follow Up with Visitors

Effortlessly Follow Up with Visitors

Make your first-time guests feel cared for. Automatically send them welcome messages and more info about your services.

  •  Turn first-time visitors into regulars
  •  Increase member retention and participation
  •  Send staff reminders to connect with guests

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Foster Deeper Relationships

Foster Deeper Relationships

Thriving churches are built on real connections. Have 1-on-1 conversations with members from our user-friendly Inbox.

  •  Instantly see replies to your announcements
  •  Receive incoming texts from members for free
  •  Create a safe, secure channel for questions

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Why Church Leaders Love Equiitext

Join some of these religious organizations who are already sharing text messages with thousands of disciples.

“We believe that the most important decision a person will make is to follow Jesus. It’s scary to even think of how many people wouldn’t have told us about their decision, if we hadn’t had this really simple, clean opportunity for them to take advantage of.”

Bradley Hunt is using SimpleTexting for text message marketing.

Bradley Hunt
Eagle Brook Church

“Engaging with our church congregation in a dynamic way has lead to positive results. It applies more universally than JUST social media or JUST email. I love the customer service team’s willingness to help with whatever random questions I throw at them!”

Mike Billeter is using SimpleTexting for text message marketing.

Mike Billeter
Central Church

“I finally found a product that allowed us to have a keyword text back tool using our very own number. We have an unlimited list of keywords we can use for any activity or event at our church. This tool makes it super easy to promote anything to our congregation.”

McLean Jones is using SimpleTexting for text message marketing.

McLean Jones
Snohomish Community Church

“We are a church and pushing critical information is often one of our biggest challenges. Equiitext is one of the few companies that empower the user. The design and user interface of the platform is super easy for campaigns big and small.”

Tanner Vines
Glendale First Baptist Church

“I spent some time searching for an SMS platform for my Christian ministry and decided to go with Equiitext. Boy was I pleased! Let me say that this has been the BEST customer service I have EVER received in my entire life. I’m very proud to be one of their clients.”

Kurt Jaros is using SimpleTexting for text message marketing.

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Kurt Jaros
Defenders Media

“Equiitext solved the communication gap which email just couldn’t. We’re now able to clearly communicate what their next steps should be, which is causing overall involvement to increase. And for us, that is the key—getting more people connected.”

More Easy-to-Use Features for Churches

Pastors and community leaders choose our church texting service because it helps them grow their community and foster a sense of belonging.

Send Audio Clips from Sermons

Inspire members who haven’t been around in a while to return. Send the highlights from the latest service they missed.

Share Photos with Members

Everyone loves to see pictures from the latest bible study or mission trip. Attach them right to your messages with MMS.

Organize Members into Lists

Create a list just for volunteers or a list just for students. Send highly relevant messages, every time.

Ask Guests to Vote on Decisions

Make members feel important with a text-to-vote poll. Ask them vote on your next sermon series topic.

Keep Donors Informed

Create a list just for your donors. Send them updates about how their donations are making an impact.

Do Everything On-the-Go

The work you do is important. With our mobile app, you can do it from wherever you are.

Go From Sign-Up to Expert in 5 Minutes

It’s never been this easy to connect with your church’s congregation! Our straightforward interface makes it possible for any staff member or volunteer to use. Watch the video to see how it works.

Woman looking at SMS marketing message

Chantel Fullilove

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