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More smartphone technology coming
Scott Navratil

You thought smartphones were as good as they could get. And honestly, they probably have come pretty close to the top. However, there are still a million other things that can be turned smart and controlled with your smartphone. Your homes, cars, and much more may be controlled with your smartphones soon. Apple and Google have been working to build more smartphone technology into your life.

Google’s acquisition of Nest

Nest is a company that builds smoke alarms and thermostats for your house. They are connected to your smartphone to allow you to have control of your home no matter where you are, and they are all controlled with smartphone technology. The thermostat even remembers when you are usually home and controls the thermostat accordingly to save energy. Google bought Nest recently, showing its obvious interest in creating more smart technology for you to live with every year. With the purchase of Nest, Google now has access to the engineers who helped develop the Nest technology.

Apple’s new watch

Another thing we are seeing is Apple’s interest in smart technology. One of these things is a possible iWatch, according to Reuters. The watch would do more than just tell time and answer calls. In fact, this watch would have the ability to check signals from your heart and determine your current health stats. It would check heart rate, check for possible blockages, and listen to your body working in case of potential problems. This kind of technology could bring huge advances to the medical world allowing us to live longer and avoid potentially life-threatening problems. Wouldn’t it be nice to already be in the hospital getting treatment before you have your heart attack? It would be great if the doctors could stop a blood clot before it got serious. Preventative care like this would be amazing, especially if it included a watch that could continuously monitor your health.

Smart cars

Another big one that both Apple and Google have been looking into is a smart car. Google already has the self-driving car that has had thousands of successful miles driving around the country, but Apple is also looking into cars that can be controlled with your smartphone. Of course, if Apple creates anything that has smart technology incorporated into it, it will be labeled with an “i” before it. The iCar might be a real possibility in the next few years, allowing you to constantly stay connected.

More connected opportunities

As a business owner, having your customers more connected makes it easier for you to access them and constantly advertise to them. They will be bringing this technology into their homes of their own choice and will make it easier for you to advertise in their homes, cars, and on their phones. Get started now, so you are ready for the day when everything has turned into smart technology. If you move with the changing technology, you’ll be much better off than the rest of the competition.

Source: Reuters

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