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Use Mobile Applications to Connect with Consumers
Scott Navratil

Mobile marketing is one of the best ways to reach a broad amount of consumers with little effort.  It is safe to say that today mobile marketing is one of the most common and successful ways for companies to advertise now that the vast majority of consumers have access to smartphones, tablets, computers, and other mobile devices.  When mobile marketing was first introduced, it used to be a time consuming and costly pursuit, but thanks to the advancement of technology, it is simple and often free now.  It is vital for companies to become part of the mobile world now that it is so popular, and there are several ways they can do so.  SMS marketing is a popular form of mobile marketing, especially if a company is looking to build a relationship with their consumers.  Sometimes it is difficult to gain the trust of consumers so that they will feel comfortable giving companies their contact information, but once that information is received, companies will see great success by reaching out to their consumers that way, especially if they value that relationship with their consumers.  Another popular way to mobile market is through interactive applications that consumers can download to their mobile devices.  Companies have discovered how to create interactive applications that are convenient to use ultimately making consumers’ lives easier.  Some companies choose to avoid this route of mobile marketing because it can sometimes be costly, but companies who do use this tactic will say that it is definitely worth the time and money spent as they see increase in business and loyal consumers.

Advertising through social media

Perhaps the easiest, cheapest, and most successful way to mobile market is by using social media sites.  Social media applications are free for anyone to download and participate in, including businesses.  Recently, Mondelez has created a social media marketing campaign using Snapchat to promote their popular product, Sour Patch Kids.  Consumers enjoy receiving Snapchats from the Sour Patch Kids mascot promoting the “sour-then-sweet” motto by causing havoc all over the world, then getting away with his actions by being too sweet to be mad at.  Snapchat is a unique form of social media as users can only see the pictures for a few seconds before they disappear forever.  Mondelez has used this technology to their advantage by getting their product out to the world without overwhelming consumers with their advertisements.  A quick flash of the Sour Patch Kids mascot is enough to cause consumers to crave the candy and bring in business for the company.  Businesses should definitely take part in all forms of social media because most consumers spend a great majority of their time on social media sites, so it is an easy, cheap, and convenient way to reach a broad number of consumers and bring in more business!


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