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YBLTV Interviews Business Texter at CTIA
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Business Texter CTO David Johnston Explains Company Products

Las Vegas, NV – September 22, 2014 – YBLTV’s Erika Blackwell spent a lot of time speaking with Business Texter CTO David Johnston at the CTIA – Super Mobility Week, the largest mobile event in North America.

Erika was excited to learn about Business Texter’s artificial intelligence texting system and how it would benefit businesses. Johnston explained how the system can be worked through smartphones or through a normal telephone service if a company prefers. He also explains that the purpose of the Business Texter service is to allow customers to quickly and efficiently contact companies with an immediate response time.

Erika had some questions about the logistics of the app and how it could be used in everyday business, to which Johnston showed her an example of texting. In his example, he texted a hotel asking what the pool hours were. The AI system responded immediately with the pool hours as well as the location and what was needed to gain access to the area. You can see the full interview here:

What is Business Texter?

Most people prefer to communicate through texting for quick answers, especially if those answers are related to dates or times. Business Texter is an artificial intelligence texting platform that allows businesses and customers to communicate through texting in this way. A customer texts their question or concern to the business, and the Business Texter platform recognizes the question and automatically responds with an answer.

Business Texter coined the term C2B, which means consumer to business (as opposed to the typical business to consumer outline of communication). It gives customers the opportunity to text a business for information rather than always sitting and waiting for information from the business or trying to call and wait on hold for one question to get answered.

What is YBLTV?

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