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2017: Year of AI Chabot
Scott Navratil

Every year brings new technology forward and changes the way you market to and interact with your customers. According to Forbes, 2017 will be the year of the bot. People are starting to rely more heavily on technology than they ever have in the past, and with more and more information becoming available, it is becoming more important that people have access to artificial intelligence chatbots to answer their questions immediately instead of having to figure it out yourself. This is especially applicable to the marketing and customer service industries where interaction with people is becoming less common and, instead, we are seeing much more AI interactions.

Say goodbye to keyboards?

With artificial intelligence taking over in the coming years, the need for keyboards diminishes significantly. Instead, you are able to speak into your phone or computer what you want to type, and it types for you. Of course, we don’t expect to see keyboards going away altogether, but the more accurate voice-over becomes, the less likely you are to spend time typing what you mean. Artificial intelligence allows computers to hear what you said, analyze it, and type out what you said. The more you do it, the more accurate it becomes as it learns your behaviors and the things you typically say.

Replacing 24/7 customer service

Another thing we will see with AI Chatbot is that it will replace 24/7 customer service. Having customer service available to call anytime of day used to be very important to customers, but now, they would much rather get fast responses from a computer than from you. We are seeing a transition where customers are no longer willing to wait on hold but would prefer to get their answers sent via text message or, if they have to speak with someone about their issue, they’d prefer to get a call back from you instead of waiting on hold for 30 minutes. As a business, this means you can hold reasonable customer service hours instead of offering them 24/7 and offer all day and night artificial response to text messages or other forms of customer service.

Analysis of data

One of the ways artificial intelligence can really improve our marketing in the next year is through its ability to analyze data and make decisions based on advanced algorithms. Many of the mundane parts of marketing can be automated this way instead of having to have a person sit there and analyze it themselves. This is already happening pretty frequently and is only going to improve over the years. For example, analyzes the data on each person’s profile and then automatically sends people matches to their profile. This process is only improving as better artificial intelligence data is released, and more technology becomes available to help in this process.

Chantel Fullilove

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