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Healthcare professionals are constantly busy and have little time to communicate quickly and effectively with patients. EquiiText has got healthcare covered, so these professionals can focus on helping everyone else.

Insurance Providers

Whether it’s to send reminders to patients regarding billing or to provide information on available insurance packages, EquiiText makes communication between insurance providers and the general public simple. This patented artificial intelligence system gives individuals the option to text in their questions and concerns to insurance providers and receive natural, conversational messages back from the company. This frees up time for the providers to focus on their most important work while still ensuring individuals feel listened-to and answered quickly. URL shorteners also allow insurance providers to direct individuals to specific websites according to their needs, whether they are looking for a login page, more information on an insurance package, or questions regarding healthcare professionals within their plans. With bulk SMS messaging, insurance providers can be sure that individuals are receiving the most important information immediately and to as many contacts as needed. The extensive list of API integrations also allows insurance providers to combine the other aspects of their company, including CRMs, schedules, and more, to make their businesses run more efficiently and optimally than ever before. All this and more comes from the most competitive pricing on the market, thanks to EquiiText. Insurance providers can work to help others while EquiiText works to help these companies for less.


HIPPA compliance is one of the biggest issues when it comes to finding the right communications provider for hospitals and clinics. Fortunately, EquiiText is working to complete an encrypted messaging system specifically for the medical industry which would allow medical professionals to communicate much quicker and smarter with their patients than ever before. While this is in the works, we offer other features on the EquiiText platform that are helping to establish true two-way engagement between doctors, nurses, and patients across the country. The patented artificial intelligence built into the EquiiText system allows patients to text in to receive notifications from their doctors about scheduling, vaccines, and much more. Clinics can send mass text messages to their patients with announcements and general advice, and customers can text back any general questions or concerns to receive intelligent responses that flow naturally. These one-on-one communications between patients and their medical professionals continue establishing a warm bedside manner even when the patient is no longer in the office. Plus, with a vast array of API integrations, hospitals and clinics can merge their technological systems within the EquiiText texting platform, optimizing the hospitals to run more efficiently and effectively than ever before. With these features and the lowest pricing on the SMS service provider market, making the choice to go with EquiiText has never been better. Let us focus on taking care of you while you focus on taking care of everyone else.

Medical Device Providers

Providers of medical devices are constantly working with new technologies and ways to use those technologies to make peoples’ lives better. EquiiText works to do the same thing by providing a vast array of communications services to everyone in the medical health field. With EquiiText’s competitive pricing and its patented artificial intelligence system, it is easy to spend less and get more done without worrying about dropping the ball. Our extensive API integrations give medical device providers the ability to merge all their existing business functions within the EquiiText platform, ensuring these companies run more efficiently and optimally than ever before. Patients and doctors can communicate directly with the medical device providers and receive thoughtful, custom responses with this A.I. solutions platform. Now providers can focus on the most important things while all questions and concerns are promptly answered in a natural, conversational way. Plus, with an encrypted HIPPA-compliant feature on its way to the EquiiText platform, it will soon be even simpler to ensure the right information is going to the right person when it needs to get there without messing with other, more difficult forms of communication. EquiiText is here to make the medical field smarter and simpler while these professionals work hard to make everyone else’s lives better, too.