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EquiiText SMS messaging services are not limited to traditional business models. In fact, some of the most applicable organizations are government agencies.


For federal organizations such as FEMA, CDC, and EPA, EquiiText provides the best options for ensuring communication lines are kept open to all members of the general public without removing indispensable resources to do so. The patented artificially intelligent platform allows these organizations and more to send out mass text messages to all applicable recipients in times of emergency or to keep people updated when necessary. The A.I. automatic responders answer any questions from recipients immediately, ensuring all valuable energies remain where effort is most needed. With EquiiText’s personal URL shortener, it is also simple to direct SMS recipients to appropriate web-pages and documents to keep them in-the-know when they absolutely need to know. Plus, with an extensive list of API integrations and webhooks through EquiiText, it has never been simpler to ensure the optimization of these organizations is as efficient as possible.

State From Amber Alerts to flood warnings, state governments are using SMS more than ever, and EquiiText is here to make these messages even more effective and efficient. Rather than sending messages to which recipients are unable to respond, the EquiiText platform offers a patented artificial intelligence response system, allowing text-message recipients the opportunity to text back any questions or concerns and receive custom replies from the governmental body. This makes members of the public feel safe and well-informed, and the A.I. automatic responders are so natural that conversations flow the same way they would if a government employee were personally responding in real-time.

Plus, with EquiiText’s URL shortener, state government bodies can direct individuals to any page on the internet, letting people gather necessary information from the right sources from only a single SMS text message. EquiiText ensures governmental organizations are always staying truly organized as well, with in-depth API integrations and optimizations to help keep track of scheduling, inside communications, and so much more.


In many cities, there are often issues with keeping lines of communication open between its governing organizations and the people who live there. Between law enforcement, transportation services, DMVs, and post offices, it can be all too easy for communications to become muddled. However, EquiiText brings simplicity to bureaucracy, thanks to its patented artificial intelligence. Now local agencies can send reminders to individuals regarding traffic tickets, traffic alerts, registration renewals, and much more. It also allows members of the community to text back and receive intelligent automatic responses that are customized for each agency, encouraging two-way engagement between individuals and their local agencies. These responses are conversational, providing a natural flow of communication that ensures individuals feel listened-to. Agencies can even send shortened URLs to members of the community, allowing them to visit government websites and documents online for further information.

EquiiText makes it easy to communicate issues to individuals and provides individuals the opportunity to ask FAQs and voice their concerns in real-time. Plus, with numerous API integrations, organizations can become truly organized and optimized for maximum efficiency with their scheduling, management services, and everything in between.

Political Campaigning

Political candidates often face issues when reaching out to their communities for votes and political surveys. Fortunately, EquiiText is the ideal solution for candidates throughout their campaigning journey. With bulk SMS messaging, it is simple for political campaigners to reach constituents directly wherever they are; and with 98% of text messages being read within 4-90 seconds of being received, constituents will be reading campaign messages in real-time.

EquiiText not only provides the most competitive pricing on the market for messaging platforms, it also comes fully equipped with patented artificial intelligence. This means that constituents can respond directly with the candidate’s EquiiText platform and receive natural, conversational responses as if the candidate were replying personally to each message. Plus, with URL shorteners, recipients can be directed to the candidate’s website and view any images, videos, or documents for better two-way communication.

The EquiiText platform also comes enabled with robust API integrations and webhooks, allowing for better optimization of organizational scheduling and in-office management, ensuring day-to-day operations are effective and efficient. All of this and more is available with the most competitive pricing on the market, meaning political candidates will spend less with EquiiText while bringing in the truest voters.