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EquiiText provides a plethora of solutions for businesses within the communications industry, including carriers, ISPs/WISPs, and VARs and MSPs.


Telecom Carriers prefer to use EquiiText due to its robust API, wholesale volume pricing, scalable network, and white-labeling capabilities. With EquiiText, carriers can efficiently combine the patented artificial intelligence messaging platform with the message optimization utilities to greatly enhance their voice offering to their customers. EquiiText analytics also creates unique reports for users and offers sub-account management if desired, with direct interconnect options available.


Internet Service Providers and Wireless Internet Service Providers have multiple options when it comes to using the EquiiText SMS messaging platform. For the ISP or WISP company itself, EquiiText makes customer support simple and efficient. Now, company professionals can communicate issues quickly with customers, such as keeping them abreast of service-related issues, specials, and policy changes. Customers can also text in service questions or ask FAQs and receive natural responses from EquiiText’s patented artificial intelligence system built right into the online platform. With true wholesale volume pricing, an ISP/WISP company can also provide resellers a product their competitors don’t have, giving resellers the opportunity to compete in the coveted mobile segment. This provides their customers a way to increase revenue and brand awareness, as well as enhancing the SMB broadband offerings available. For customers who are business owners looking to purchase internet and/or VoIP services, having the option of a business text messaging platform in conjunction with these and other services is another great way to enable business owners to flourish, thanks to rapid scalability, API integrations, robust reporting, sub-account management, and private-label options.


For value-added resellers, EquiiText provides the ultimate services package. No matter which technology solutions your company provides businesses, EquiiText offers a robust, patented artificial intelligence system that integrates seamlessly with every aspect of IT, software, and business management optimization. API integrations and private labeling allow value-added resellers to build even more extensive consulting packages for businesses looking for the best technology services during their initial growth. With true wholesale volume pricing, EquiiText analytics and reports, sub-account management and more, value-added resellers can now compete in the coveted mobile segment, providing resellers a product their competitors lack and further providing their customers a way to increase revenue and brand awareness. The combination of EquiiText’s messaging platform and sub account management services are a must-have for any reseller.


EquiiText messaging solutions enable managed service providers to incorporate a vast array of professional optimizations within their extensive packaging options. Whether you are an independent contractor or work for an MSP firm, EquiiText offers the most competitive true wholesale pricing, private-labeling opportunities, and API integrations of any other business management services. This patented artificial intelligence SMS platform does so much more than text messaging – while many MSPs utilize EquiiText services for easy communication with clients, it similarly provides comprehensive technology services for businesses looking to expand on their current systems seamlessly. Use the EquiiText analytics and reporting to view real-time results for yourself or your clients, and even manage their accounts for them if desired. With EquiiText’s rapid scalability, MSPs can easily provide their customers a way to increase their revenue and brand awareness while giving themselves as resellers the opportunity to compete in the coveted mobile segment with a product their competitors don’t have.