Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Are you ready to GET STARTED TODAY? Choose the best package based on the following:
○ How many contacts do you have?
○ How many times per month do you send to them?
○ How many replies do you expect back?

If you are sending out a call to action that takes your contact to a web link or a pre-recorded message, you may not be using as many auto-replies and responses. The easiest way to estimate your needs is to take the number of contacts you have multiplied by the number of times per month that you will be sending out a text.

For example, say you have 5,000 contacts and plan to send them a message 2 times per month. This would equal 10,000 messages each month. We then multiply that number by 4 (to account for the responses they will likely send back to you) and suggest approximately 40,000 credits. The best option for you would be our monthly subscription package of 37,500 or 50,000 credits.

Please call or text with a Support Specialist to schedule a demo and additional questions at (888) 501-3550.

I’m out of credits, what do I do?

To add additional credits to your account, go to the Settings tab and click to the Billing section to update your auto-recharge or your subscription plan. For help on usage, visit our credit usage guide.

I can’t log into my account. Help!

If you are having issues logging into your account, please check to make sure that you are logging into the account with your correct username and password.

If you have lost your password or username, then you will need to click on ‘forgot password’ and follow the instructions. We take security seriously and may lock you out of your account after multiple failed attempts.

Why are my text messages not sending faster?

There are several reasons that texts can seem to send slowly.

1. Look at how many virtual numbers you are using. If you are using one virtual number to send out your campaign, you are going to average about one text per minute to send.

2. Use the Smart GEO Rotator (in the Send tab) and make sure that you have purchased at least 5 virtual numbers. Using Smart GEO Rotator allows you to send campaigns from all of your phone numbers at once with a smart algorithm that rotates through your phone numbers when sending campaigns. When recipients respond, it will remember to reply back from the same number.

3. Increase the sending speed. You may send a maximum of 20 texts in one hour from each virtual number you have. Check the scale in the Send tab to see how many texts your account is currently set to send every hour.

How do I know how many credits I have left?

In your Cloud account, you may click on the Stats tab to be shown all the statistics related to your account.

How to prevent numbers being blocked?

Always remember that EquiiText is a messenger platform. We are consistently evolving our products to gain better deliverability to your customers for the best response rate. Over the past year, we have added safety features such as the Spam Score, Limitation on Characters, Speed Bar, Spin Tax, URL Shorteners, Stealth Mode, Auto-Replace and Failovers. These are all in the hopes that we can help you get the message out to your customers without blocks.

The most common reason that numbers are blocked on your account comes from the carriers flagging your messages as Spam. Keep a close eye on the message ‘score’ which tells you if your message will register as SPAM. Try to keep the Spam Score number as low as possible. What makes your message appear as SPAM can be URLs and phone numbers in the messages.

For more information on how to prevent carrier blocks, check out our blog page and read up on some EquiiText Best Practices!

What are the laws pertaining to businesses texting?

By using EquiiText, you are required to know about and follow the laws. The TCPA laws in the United States govern texting rules. Some of the basics (but not all) are:

1 – You must have consent to text someone (verbal consent is not enough—they must text you or give written consent)
2 – Include a STOP or OPT-OUT message at the end of your text
3 – You must honor the opt-outs every time, all the time
4 – Don’t text between 8 pm and 8 am

It is illegal to buy lists of phone numbers and text them and is in direct violation of the terms of use for EquiiText. If you have any questions about the legality of your texting strategy, we suggest you contact an attorney and seek a formal opinion. EquiiText is not liable or responsible for your compliance with TCPA laws or any other applicable laws that may apply in your area.

Is double-opt in required for TCPA laws?

No, there is no specific language in the TCPA that states a double opt-in is required. If you need a double opt-in option, you simply need to create a second ‘Custom’ opt-in auto-responder to create the second layer of opt-in authorization.

What’s the difference between the opt-out and opt-in?

Opt-In means that your contact has agreed that they want to be contacted for more information or response from you. This can happen by importing a list of current customers or advertising to ask people to join your contact list by typing a keyword to your designated phone number or virtual number.

The platform has an opt-out system and will handle removing people from the list for you. If they text you messages such as “remove”, “stop”, “cancel” the app will automatically remove them from the system and send them an automated notification that they have been removed.

You can select which message they will receive in response to their request to be removed from further contact. Sometimes people may respond to the automated message and they will be opted back in which will cause them to receive more messages from you. You may need to re-check that they are in the opt-out group.

How do I delete a contact?

Click into Contacts, click into the All Contacts group, click the magnifying glass in the upper right, type or paste in their number in the search box, select Done, and check any numbers you want to delete. The system will ask if you want to remove from the particular group, from all groups or delete permanently?

Warning: If you remove the contact permanently from your contacts they may be imported in further lists.

How does EquiiText help me be TCPA compliant?

Our platform has a system to automatically remove opt-outs through key words. We use artificial intelligence to determine the intent of the inbound message and if the message is an opt-out, EquiiText will remove the number from all groups, place them in the opt-out group and send a confirmation of removal message back to the user.

Periodically, there will be contacts that will respond back to the opt out message that informs them that will no longer receive further messages. This response with be seen as an opt in to the system and the person will still receive messages. EquiiText also gives you the ability to scrub your data now against the National Do Not Call list.

Are there API integrations?

Yes, EquiiText has an built in API that allows you to integrate your custom software. Some of the most common integrations are CRMS, Zapier, Zendesk and others. Ideal for call center software and IVR integration. Speak with a representative to create integration.

Can someone show me how the platform works?

Yes, our support team will help you launch your first campaign. Call or text (888) 501-3550 to schedule an appointment with a support specialist.

What’s the difference between the Cloud platform and the Android App?

The cloud platform can be connected to your EquiiText Android app. Connect your Android app with your cloud account under the settings by choosing Connect EQ Gateway.

How do I import my contacts?

Under the Contacts tab choose the Imported option and import a CSV with your customers information. For details instructions watch How to Import Contacts Video.

How do I build a new integration?

Contact EquiiText to discuss create an new integration with your custom software.

How much does it costs?

EquiiText charges two credits for every text message (160 characters) that is sent out on your cloud account. Inbound texts are one credit each. Your Auto-Replies and Auto-Responders can be longer than 160 characters and anything over 160 characters is broken into multiple messages. Voice forwarding is a popular option and costs one credit per minute for voice chat. Business texting pricing can be found under the Settings tab on your cloud platform account.

Can I use Google Voice to forward voice calls?

Yes, you can use your Google Voice number to forward any of your voice calls to. Currently, Google does not allow 3rd party apps to send texts through Google Voice.

What phone number will EquiiText use to send out text messages?

Your customers will see the messages you are sending from the virtual numbers that you have purchased through the platform. The Smart GEO Rotator will use the same phone number for every message to the same customer as long as the virtual number is active and does not get blocked by carriers.

Can my customers hit reply all to send a message to everyone on my contact list?

No! When you send your campaign the messages are sent to each customer as an individual message. Your customer has no idea that your message, even though personalized, is sent as a mass text. When your customer replies to your message, you will be the only one who gets the message.

Can I create sub-accounts for my customers?

Yes, if you need an account with subaccounts, we will set up the account at no additional cost to you. Your Management Agency account will have a cloning template included so that you can easily clone your own subaccounts.

We highly recommend Management Agency accounts for Power Users with Rollover or Monthly Subscription purchases of 100,000 credits or more.