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3 Common SMS Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid
Claudia Perez

We want to make sure that all Equiitext customers follow SMS best practices, but we know that growing your SMS list and keeping your subscribers engaged can be challenging.

To help, here are three common obstacles that you may encounter and some tips on how to overcome them.

Landline / Old List

When starting your campaign make sure your list is clean. Do a landline scrub to remove any numbers that are not cell phones. By doing this you will increase your success rate of people who receive your text messages. Landline scrubbing is a built-in feature in most platforms. At Equiitext, you have the option to scrub your landlines with the click of one button when you import your list.

Setting Poor Expectations

Nobody likes to receive text messages from people we don’t know. When sending an SMS to your customer, tell them who you are. If you haven’t asked them already, ask if they would like to receive messages about your company. Tell them why they are signing up. Once they have agreed to receive messages you can start the conversations.

Not Listening to Your Subscribers

It’s important to always read the messages your customers are responding to. Listen to complaints, compliments and any feedback they offer. When listening to your customer you will seem genuine and they appreciate being heard. Measure engagement data over anything else. compare not how many people saw your text message but how many responded or took action.

We hope you find these tips helpful–you can always find more on the Equiitext blog.

Chantel Fullilove

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