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3D sensors: What could this mean for Apple?
Scott Navratil

After all the harping on Apple for lack of innovation, it seems the company has finally started to get the message and make some changes. This could be good news for a lot of loyal Apple buyers and bad news for a lot of Android and Windows phone buyers. iOS may be coming back, and not just back, but back in style with new 3D technology. It is the kind of change that could quickly bring Apple back to the top in minutes.

Purchase of PrimeSense

PrimeSense is a 3D is basically a Kinect sensor. In fact, the Kinect sensor is one of the basic examples of how the sensor can be used on the website. The purchase of PrimeSense could mean a million different things for Apple, though none of those ideas have been revealed just yet. I am sure we will get an idea of what will happen after enough time has passed. The website didn’t say there was one specific reason for the sensor but that it could be applied in a variety of different settings, according to the Washington Post.

What does the sensor do?

The PrimeSense website makes it clear that the sensor can be used in a variety of different settings after being programmed by individual companies, but one main purpose is to view things in 3D. It means you can look at stuff in 3D instead of just 2D. It could mean that Apple is trying to create TV technology literally be in the scene for movies or it could mean that Apple is trying to find a way to show 3D images and films on your phone. It could be used to scan different areas and then view it in 3D, such as camera images or to quickly and easily analyze a new building. The site does say that though it is a powerful technology, it does not x-ray, which means you cannot see through clothes with it.

New technology for your phone

What could this really mean for your phone technology? What is Apple going to do to finally get some of its customers back? As mentioned before, it could mean a new scanning software for iPhones or it may just mean 3D technology for watching movies or viewing images. Fortunately, Apple has great innovators and should be able to come up with something that will blow our minds. I may become an Apple believer once again if they can do something great with this technology.

New phones for everyone

And while you are at it, you might as well pick yourself up a new phone. It will probably be a couple of years before Apple does anything, and you’ll be ready for a new phone upgrade by then. With all the great Black Friday deals on new phones, it may be well worth your time to get one now instead of waiting and hoping for a new technology that hasn’t even been announced yet.

Chantel Fullilove

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