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5 Reasons You Should Switch to EquiiText
Claudia Perez

Not all SMS companies are created equal, and not all businesses want to use them for the same reasons. Some people like having shortcodes and some people simply want to be able to separate their business texting from their personal messaging system. EquiiText specializes in some very particular SMS marketing features, and the business owners who use our platform love them! If you’re looking to revolutionize the way you text your customers, check out these five reasons why you should switch to EquiiText:

1. Unlimited Contacts and Contact Groups

Even the most boutique business maintains an ever-growing list of contacts. Unlike other SMS companies that charge extra for additional contacts, EquiiText offers you the ability to include as many opt-in leads as they need, and these leads can be separated out into a similarly unlimited number of groups. This not only allows for more visibility, it allows for easier funneling and campaigning.

2. Automated Text Message Service with Artificial Intelligence

One of the best features EquiiText offers is its automatic responders. Created with patented artificial intelligence, these auto-responses take the manual labor out of business SMS. Rather than spending hours each day manually responding to customer texts or being limited to only one or two responders, you can build engaging conversations with your customers without even lifting a finger. Every new account comes equipped with more that forty pre-generated automatic responders that are coded to respond automatically to keywords such as:

“Who is this?”

“Where are you located?”

“What are your hours?”

Plus, you can change the messages, create your own custom responders, and add an unlimited number of positive and negative keywords in each auto-reply. It’s never been easier to customize a system and let it run itself!

3. Bulk and Mass SMS Campaigning

Arguably, one of the most desired features of the EquiiText platform is the ability for users to send a single message to multiple contacts. In the spirit of customer engagement, we find that it works beautifully to send a personal campaign message that allows customers to respond with keywords that trigger auto-responders containing marketing messages. This leads to a better deliverability rate and a higher response rate. Your customers will enjoy communicating with your platform!

4. Drip Campaigns and Timed Follow Up Messages

It goes without saying that using drip campaigns is the best way to stay in the front of customers’ minds. Thanks to scheduled messages and timed follow ups, you will never be forgotten! Send messages to individual opt-in contacts based on the date they began texting your platform, or when they triggered a particular auto-responder to thank them for texting, asking if they’re interested in hearing about specials, and much more!

You can also send daily messages, weekly messages, and schedule campaigns in advance to specific contacts or contact groups.

5.  Innovative Integrations

The EquiiText system is super smart – not just because of its AI, but also thanks to its powerful integrations! Set up webhooks from your website, receive email and text notifications, and even integrate your EquiiText platform with Zapier. With thousands of other platforms and apps managed by the Zapier umbrella, merging your business SMS with your calendar events, CRM, management sites, and much more is a cinch. We’ve found the best ways to automate texting with your business, and now we’ve made it simple to automate every other function in your company in one place.

These are only the top five reasons people love EquiiText and why you should consider switching to our automated text message services. We offer dozens of amazing features that contribute to making us the most robust business SMS system on the market today, including URL shorteners, automatic SpinTax, and the most competitive pricing!‍ Call us, text us, or email us and see what we can do for you. We help businesses everywhere succeed and we want to help you too!

Chantel Fullilove

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