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5 Ways to Optimize for Voice Search
Scott Navratil

The way people search for information on the internet has changed drastically over the years. It used to be people would type specific keywords related to the topic they were interested in. Then, it evolved into typing questions into the search bar. Now, it is evolving into voice search questions. With more people getting personal assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and others, voice search is increasing quickly. Last year, 20 percent of searches came from voice search, and that number is expected to jump to over half of all searches by 2020. Here are 5 ways you can optimize your content for voice search in preparation.

  1. Get tips from machine learning

Machine learning is the ability for a computer to absorb and analyze large amounts of information. The information is then processed to provide recommendations based on the information to help you determine what type of information your audience needs and wants. A machine learning company comes in and gets it set up and helps show your company how to use it most effectively.

  1. Question and answer formats

When people use voice searches, they are typically asking quick questions, and they want a fast answer. That is why companies looking to optimize for voice search need to focus on a question and answer format in their content. Make the heading a question, and give a quick and concise answer under it. This will give search engines the ability to find the exact answers to questions that customers may be looking to find.

  1. Longer keywords – get more specific

If people are asking questions instead of typing them, they are more likely to get more specific in their searches. Rather than just typing “house cleaner near me,” they might ask, “What is the best house cleaner near me who uses all natural products?” This gives your company an opportunity to get more specific with the longer keyword phrases you use in order to be found. Businesses are able to get more specific with what their company offers in those search terms.

  1. Give as much info as possible

If someone is looking for a business like yours, they need to be able to find you by getting as much information as possible. Your location, reviews, company contact information; this is all information people will be searching for that needs to be quickly accessible and something a voice assistant would be able to easily rehash.

  1. Focus on easily repeated content

While many people use voice search and then proceed to look at the results, more people are relying on virtual assistants to repeat that information out loud to them, so they never have to look at the site themselves. It is the main reason why people love having personal assistants in their homes. Everything you are optimizing for voice search should be quick and easy for a virtual assistant to repeat as an answer to a question.

Chantel Fullilove

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