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Adapting to the Mobile World
Scott Navratil

Now more than ever companies are gaining a mobile presence due to the popularity of smartphones and tablets.  It is important to any company’s success to become part of the mobile world if they want to build business.  Consumers used to look up companies in the phonebook, but now the first action consumers take when they need to find a company is to look them up online.  If consumers cannot find a company online, they are likely to find a different company instead of continuing the search through other means.  Because the Internet is so easily accessed from mobile devices now, consumers use their devices to find their favorite companies so a strong mobile presence is a must if companies do not want to lose business.

Hasbro goes mobile

According to Mobile Marketer, Hasbro has decided to create a mobile presence in order to keep up with video games.  So far Hasbro’s Monopoly application has been a great success because it promotes family and friend engagement and users can personalize the app by uploading pictures of themselves to use as game pieces.  Consumers like personalization, and so if companies want to see success from their mobile marketing strategies they should consider personalizing them to consumers in some way. Companies hesitate to go mobile because they are set in their ways, and they might already be seeing success, however as technology advances all companies should consider building a mobile presence if they want to continue to be successful.

Successful mobile marketing techniques

Thanks to mobile devices there are a number of ways companies can reach out to consumers who use them.  SMS advertisements are a great way to personalize advertising for consumers making them feel important and ultimately driving in business.  Marketing applications are another way companies can engage with consumers on a more personal basis.  Consumers like to be in control, and applications are a great way they can control the type of marketing they receive.  If apps are intriguing enough, consumers are likely to promote them to friends and family, which will ultimately promote business.

Convenience of being mobile

Consumers like the convenience of being able to locate and engage with their favorite companies from their mobile devices, so it is important that companies maintain that presence.  Consumers are looking for ways to make their lives easier, and being able to purchase products with the click of a button or pay bills on the fly will only increase business for companies because consumers are always looking for convenience.  Being mobile can benefit companies in several ways, but one way that is especially appealing to companies is the ease of keeping track of business thanks to their mobile presence.  Mobile devices and websites help companies to keep track of important data such as which marketing strategies are working the best and where most of the sales are coming from.  Being mobile can enhance business in several ways and should be a priority for all companies.


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