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How Advancing Technology is Changing the World
Scott Navratil

Just when we think we have seen it all, innovators throw something even more amazing our way.  Consumers’ jaws are dropping as technology advances and what once seemed impossible is now proving possible.  Cell phones the size of land line phones used to be the epitome of amazing technology, and now smartphones have blown our minds.  The abilities of smartphones continue to grow in number and amaze us.

General Electric Co. just recently introduced their new interactive application for smartphones and tablets using a new technology that allows homeowners to control home lighting when they are away from home.  When consumers purchase the special LED light bulbs, they are able to control the lighting using GE’s application no matter where they are.  Consumers can find the LED bulbs at home improvement retail stores such as Home Depot at affordable prices.  According to Mobile Marketer, the bulbs will start being sold this coming fall, but due to the anticipation of consumers, they can already be pre-ordered.  Companies like General Electric are trying to use technology to enhance their consumers’ home life, which has proven to excite and bring in more business for them.  While there are several security companies who have technologies similar to GE’s application, the appeal of the LED bulb is that it is a lot less costly than those other forms.  The app also works with Apple and Android devices making it accessible to all smartphone users.  GE understands how important convenience is for their consumers, and because of this they will continue to see business grow.

Advancing technology is great news for businesses

Businesses of all types are able to follow in GE’s footsteps thanks to advanced technologies.  As technology advances the possibilities become greater for companies to cater the technology in order to work for them.  Mobile marketing is the most popular form of marketing today, and the ways to reach the mobile market are becoming endless.  Marketing and advertising used to be a major expense for companies, and now it is more affordable than ever thanks to mobile technology.  There are businesses who are afraid to tap into the mobile market because it may seem difficult, but the truth is innovators understand the need for easy-to-use technology, and therefore mobile marketing is much simpler than all the other forms of advertising.  Companies would be silly not to use technology to their advantage and tap into the mobile market.  Companies have seen great success by doing so because not only does mobile marketing allow them to reach a broader number of consumers, it also creates loyal relationships between consumers and companies.


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