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All the details you need on the iPhone 8
Scott Navratil

Every time a new iPhone comes out, customers are anxious to find out all the details. We want to know what will stay, what will change, and if there’s any new, groundbreaking technology being included in the new device. The last couple of phone updates haven’t changed the phone a lot, much to the dismay of Apple lovers, and sales haven’t been as good as Apple would have liked. That’s why people are really hoping for a fairly new product. Rumors have been flying about the iPhone 8 and the new features to be expected with the next iOS device. Here are some more rumors, thanks to Business Insider, that came directly from a top Apple insider.

Four iPhone 8 details

  • Skipping the 7S: One thing that is of special note is that the tradition is for Apple to release a new iPhone every two years and then an S version in between years. That means we were expecting an 7S this year as opposed to an 8, but Apple may be breaking from tradition to release the next version earlier and get customers more excited about the brand again.
  • New camera: Most customers were already expecting this since a new camera that is higher quality is pretty standard when a new phone is released, no matter what the brand. But it is important to note because cameras are so important to customers.
  • No more home button: One of the biggest expectations is that the new phone will not have a home screen button. In fact, the smartphone manufacturer is anticipated to provide a phone with an edge to edge screen that eliminates an upper or lower beveled area for phone buttons.
  • All glass phone: The new iPhone is anticipated to be made from glass. It should have metal casing around it with a stainless steel frame available in the higher end model.

Who is this mysterious employee?

The employee mentioned who spoke with Business Insider works at an Apple building in Israell where they develop hardware for the iPhones. It is important to note that Apple has refused to comment on any speculation, so while the Apple employee gave these details on the new phone, it has not been officially released by Apple.

How does Apple compare?

The Apple iPhone is very well known and has a huge following, but many customers have been unimpressed with Apple’s ability to carve out new technology in the last few years, and Apple’s marketshare has dropped to 14.6% worldwide while Android has 86.2%, according to Apple Insider. Apple would obviously love to get more of the market, but it probably doesn’t care too much given that the company still got 92% of global smartphone profits.


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