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Amazon wearable technology store: Marketing with it
Scott Navratil

Our society is quickly moving more towards wearable technology, which means your company needs to start focusing on ways to market in more technology-friendly ways. Of course, Amazon has already recognized that it is going to be the next best thing and has even created a wearable technology online store. What can you buy from this store, and how can you use it to reach more customers?

What you can buy at Amazon

The first step to determining how you can best use the wearable technology to market to your customers is to get a few devices and test them out. At Amazon, you can buy smartwatches, fitness trackers, healthcare devices, and even cameras, according to the Washington Post. Of course, any new devices that will be released will also be sold at Amazon once it becomes available. All you have to do to get there is type in and pick wearable technology as your category.

This section even has a learning center where you can go to learn how the products work and how they can benefit you. The online retailer has put a lot of stock into its new wearable technology store, which means it is expecting this to be the norm very soon.

Types of technology available

If you aren’t sure what is available, Amazon can help you with that. There are devices you keep on your person all the time to track your sleeping, eating, and exercise patterns. It can be a very helpful piece of tech for anyone interested in personal wellness. There are devices that you can wear that will take a picture every 30 seconds. This kind of wearable technology is pretty cool because it allows you to go to a concert of gathering and get pictures of the event without even thinking about it. You can focus on enjoying the event while the camera tracks your memories. And of course, there are smartwatches available.

Reaching your customers

As more and more of your customers start wearing these devices, you’ll have more opportunities to reach them through it. Smartwatches are becoming all the rage, and they make it fairly easy to get to your customers through texts. All you have to do is set up an automated texting system to allow communication with them through texts, and you’ll see a huge difference, especially if they know they can contact you as easily as you can contact them through text. Some of the smartwatches available allow you to send and receive texts while others just alert you that you have a new message available. It is expected to advance to the point where we can do just as much with our smartwatches as we can with our smartphones. That means you need to stay ahead of the curve and work harder on marketing to your customers.


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