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Android to offer voice recognition in cars
Scott Navratil

There are only a few things Apple offers in the iPhone that you can’t also find in an Android. For a while there, Apple had a good thing offering the only real competition to Blackberry in the smartphone market and providing the newest technology out there. Unfortunately for Apple, competitors are starting to catch up. Android, for example, is working on a deal right now with Audi to catch up with Apple. Google may not be left behind for much longer after all.

Apple iPhone features with cars

Some cars have already integrated Siri into their system. It is really convenient to be able to talk to your car to ask for directions or get answers without having to pick up your phone. This is especially true while driving because it is dangerous and distracting to try and use your phone while on the road. Unfortunately, Siri is the only compatible voice recognition service that does this so far, and that means only your iPhone will work with the car. It is just one more reason to choose iPhone over all the competitors. At least, it is for now.

Deal with Android and Audi

Android doesn’t ever want to get left behind, which means working hard to catch up right now. That is why Audi and Android started talks to hopefully make Android compatible with cars in the future. Though the capacity of the relationship between Google and Audi has not yet been released, it is clear that they want to work to put more Android phones into your cars, according to Digital Trends.

The good and the bad

With every move, especially when companies start working together, there is the good and the bad. In this partnership, the good news is that both parties are getting something. Android has a chance to catch up to Apple and possibly even one-up the iPhone. And Audi will probably increase sales with a big name such as Google associated with it. Everyone wins when there is a combination so great as this one. However, it could also be damaging to Audi. If Audi only offers Google phone compatibility, then people with the iPhone won’t want to buy an Audi vehicle. The Apple market is huge, and it wouldn’t be wise for any company to purposefully push iPhone users away from their product. Google might struggle too, if Android’s voice recognition technology isn’t up to speed and people are using it on a regular basis in their vehicles. It could force Android to make updates and changes quickly without proper testing, leading to unhappy customers and incomplete products.

Infotainment systems

Our society is built on entertainment, even in our cars. We have infotainment systems that, for the most part, we just control on our own right now. But if you have an iPhone and Siri-compatible vehicle, you can have your phone do it for you. And if you have an Android, you may soon get a chance to have your phone work with your car to keep you entertained.

Source: Digital Trends


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