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Appearance Can Be Everything
Scott Navratil

Mobile marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing now that mobile devices are a part of nearly every household.  Companies face the challenge of coming up with the most effective ways to reach consumers through mobile marketing, and with advancing technology it is often difficult to keep up.  One of the most important aspects companies need to keep in mind when creating mobile campaigns is design.  A plain white coupon with black lettering used to be enough to grab the attention of any consumer looking to save a dime, but not anymore.  Today design has everything to do with how successful mobile advertising campaigns are, and companies are constantly competing with one another to come up with the most eye-catching designs.  Luckily, there are several ways to manage and update websites and other forms of mobile marketing, and companies need to make sure they are doing so.

The challenge is worth it

Many companies become frustrated because as soon as they learn how to use specific technologies, even newer technologies are introduced.  Learning how to use design programs in order to create mobile advertisements can take up valuable time, but the more time spent doing so will pay off by brining in more consumers.  There are several website design companies who are willing to help companies keep up with advancing technologies and create eye-popping campaigns, websites, applications, and other forms of mobile advertising.  According to Mobile Marketer, Johnston & Murphy, an apparel company, is currently in the process of updating their website in order to create a more consumer pleasing design.  Heather Marsh, Vice President of the company is first to admit that it does take time to make changes and updates, but it is well worth it.  One of the most important updates companies need to focus on is making sure that their websites are mobile friendly.  With most consumers using their mobile devices on a daily basis, if companies are not accessible through the mobile devices they are likely to lose business.  So far Johnston & Murphy customers have not seen the new website design updates, but the company is working on a completely redesigned site that should impress customers as well as attract new business.  Companies should consider spending the time it takes to make sure websites, applications, and all other forms of mobile marketing are pleasing to their consumers not only because of the deals, but because of the design!  Doing so is likely to bring in and keep business!


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