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Apple announcement: iPhone, iPad, and CareKit
Scott Navratil

Apple made its announcement, and it includes the iPhone SE, and iPad Pro, and a CareKit that customers can get when they update to iOS 9.3. Though all three announcements are exciting for customers, the newest and most helpful thing added might be the CareKit that will allow users to track and analyze their health information.

About the iPhone and iPad

The iPhone SE is coming with a smaller 4” screen as rumored by news outlets for a few days. The advantage to this is that customers who aren’t interested in buying a new iPhone with a huge screen or who have been holding onto old phones to keep the smaller screen size will now be able to upgrade. Though only being sold in 13 markets, it is still something that people wanted and are excited to have available to them. The phone is coming in at $399. Apple is doing a great job of recognizing there are a lot of people who don’t fit the average mold of their iPhone customer and that they need to offer many different smartphone options to satisfy everyone, including different screen sizes and prices on smartphones.

The iPad Pro model is going to be slightly smaller as well with a 9.7” display, according to Mobile Marketing Magazine. This seems to be more along the theme of the day and doesn’t actually make a lot of sense given there are already iPad Minis available to customers who want a smaller option available. Fortunately for Apple, customers really like having options, and the iPad Pro likely will sell well just for the sake of being another Apple product on the market.

CareKit features

Tracking health and fitness is really trending in the technology sector, especially with the push for health and wearable technology allowing us to more easily track what our bodies are doing. That is why Apple has created CareKit, allowing customers to more easily track their health and fitness. This could be a really great breakthrough in health industry and may be especially helpful for mental health patients who have a harder time identifying whether or not a medication is helping. The app lets users track their medication and when it is being taken as well as how a user is feeling throughout the day. Then, the information is all put together on a dashboard where users can see whether or not they are improving over time or getting worse. Then, this information can be shared with family and health professionals, though Apple will need developers to come up with their own apps for getting access to that information. It really is going to be a useful tool for analyzing health issues and helping patients improve their health. Hopefully, we can see this kind of health tool become available on other smartphone devices and become used regularly by the health industry.


Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine

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