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How Apple and Beats Uniting Can Improve Mobile Marketing
Scott Navratil

Let’s face it; we are all waiting on the edge of our seats to see what Apple has in store for us next.  With each release of the newest iPod or iPhone comes the most advanced technology that most of us never dreamed of.  One of Apple’s goals is to make life as easy as possible for their customers.  Because of their advanced technology, mobile marketing has never been easier.  With one tap of the screen we can upload anything we want for free.  It is no secret that Apple clearly has the market, but some are beginning to wonder if they are losing their edge when it comes to innovation.  Apple must also be concerned about this as they are now looking to team up with big names such as Beats Electronics in hopes of spicing up their product.  So what would this mean for the mobile marketing world?

Smart headphones used for mobile marketing

Smart headphones are currently a popular item for consumers of all ages, and Apple has already staked a claim on them.  With every iPhone comes a pair of sleek smart headphones that lives up to Apple’s goal of making life easier by allowing users to have telephone conversations hands free, as well as control music playing options without having to look at the device.  With Siri technology, all we have to do is give our commands through the microphone connected to the headphones and in an instant any information we want can be shared with the world.  Smart headphones are an ideal technology for mobile marketing because they are a quick way to get the word out.  Mobile Marketer suggests that marketers have been researching the effectiveness of smart headphones as well as other technologies in the wearables industry, and have found that customers are positively engaging with them.

Apple and Beats Electronics unite

When it comes to smart headphones, Apple’s biggest competitor is Beats Electronics who has combined amazing acoustics and style to create a hot product that consumers can’t keep their hands off of.  Beats Electronics currently owns 57% of the United States headphones market, and their customer base continues to grow.  According to Mobile Marketer, an offer of $3.2 billion from Apple to buy out Beats Electronics has already been made.  If the offer were to be accepted, Apple could possibly become invincible.  It wouldn’t be a bad deal for Beats Electronics either, since their product consumption would substantially grow simply by having Apple’s name on it.  The innovations of both companies could potentially bring the most advanced technologies to play, making them one of the most dominant companies in the world, and making mobile marketing one of the easiest and most successful ways to market.


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