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Apple iPhone sales lower than expected
Scott Navratil

With so much speculation as to whether or not Apple was having a good year last year with iPhone sales, we’re all ready to see what the final result was. Those who own Apple stock may not be pleased to hear that Apple isn’t doing that well. In fact, sales were much lower than expected. This might be good news for some smartphone manufacturers trying to get in on top though. Levono was probably pleased to hear the bad news.

Apple stock drops

As the announcement was made by Apple that iPhone sales were lower than anticipated in the fourth quarter of 2013, people were not pleased. Even though sales were still higher than ever before at 51 million units sold, iPhone sales were expected to be at 55 million for the quarter. This led to investors dropping Apple stock and stock prices decreasing. According to Forbes, investors aren’t just worried about sales, though that is a big part of it. In fact, investors are also concerned that there has been hardly any innovation in recent years. With lack of innovation, Apple may quickly drop to the bottom of the totem pole.

A chance for Levono

Though Apple and Apple investors are disappointed about the low iPhone sales, other cell phone manufacturers are excited to hear the news. It means that there is more opportunity for others to finally beat Apple. Levono, for example, has announced that it has a goal of passing up Samsung and Apple in sales. Since Google has sold some Motorola parts to Levono, it might even be a more realistic goal for them, according to the LA Times. Though the smartphone manufacturer may be a little less well-known in the US, it is extremely popular on a global level and is leading in many countries. Levono has high hopes of becoming the top dog and thinks that, with time, it is possible.

And then there’s Samsung

Samsung, as the number two cell phone manufacturer out there, has been working hard to beat out Apple. Levono hasn’t even been on Samsung’s mind as a company to beat, but that might need to change if Samsung is to keep up at the top. Samsung’s new innovative technology and the new patent agreement with Google might give it a more competitive edge than the other smartphone manufacturers.

Windows phones

One of the fasted increasing smartphone sales out there is the Windows phone. This is probably why iPhone sales have been suffering as more people are choosing Windows. Because sales have been increasing quickly, other cell phone manufacturers should be on the lookout. Maybe sales are still not that high, but the growing sales make Microsoft a new competitor to fight.

Which phone is right for you?

To run your business, you’ll need a smartphone. No matter what business you run, smartphones can only increase efficiency within your company. The question is: which smartphone is right for you? It all depends on what you are doing with it. The only real advantage to the iPhone is that you can use iTunes on it and match it up with all your other devices. If your company is using Gmail as your main source for email, calendar, and documents, you’d be much better off with a different phone that has an Android operating system. No matter what you choose, having a smartphone to manage text marketing is a good idea.



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