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Apple Pay: An app to help you market
Scott Navratil

As your company is working hard to market to a wider audience and reach more customers, it is important to know how the newest apps and features will help you. For example, the new Apple Pay app has been pre-installed on all iPhone 6 with iOS 8 on them to help the average consumer pay for things without having to carry a wallet. The idea of a digital wallet is changing the world, but how does this affect your marketing?

All about Apple Pay

Apple Pay is, more or less, a way for you to keep all of your credit card and debit card information in one place on your phone. Instead of carrying five cards with you everywhere you go, you’ll instead just need to have an iPhone on you. The advantage of this is that you can pay for everything you need with the phone, and it provides better security in the event your phone is stolen because none of the information can be accessed without a thumbprint or passcode. Potentially, the technology could advance to store other information, such as movie tickets, loyalty cards, and more, according to Fortune. The app is expected to help push more businesses into allowing phone-type-wallet payments rather than just sticking with good old fashioned cash or credit cards.

There have definitely been other options available to customers interested in mobile wallets, but having a platform pre-installed on all iPhones will make a huge difference in pushing the technology further than ever before. Most products and services don’t go anywhere until it shows up on iPhone, so you can expect things to change much faster now.

Why should you care?

Every time an app comes out that is expected to revolutionize the way people behave, you should be on top of it. As behavior changes, so will your methods of marketing to your customers. With the Apple Pay app, people will stop carrying around loyalty cards, coupons, cash, and whatnot because they won’t need them to get a good deal anymore. Instead, you’ll need to be on top of converting all of your marketing strategies to mobile What better way to do this than through automated texting? Not only does it allow you to send mass texts to your entire customer base, but it also allows for your customers to text you and get an automated response from artificial intelligence.

If your customers are changing everything in their lives to be on mobile, then you are going to be reaching them most often through mobile. It will also be their preferred method of communication. If you haven’t already started getting your company optimized for mobile marketing, start today with a texting platform. No matter how advanced or how far behind your customer is in the mobile technology world, they will always be able to easily communicate with you through texting. Make it a part of your marketing platform now, and you won’t go wrong.


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