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Apple trading well after expansion plans
Scott Navratil

Apple is one of the most popular brands out there when it comes to electronics. They pretty much dominate the world of tablet and MP3 technology. The iPad, iPhone, and iPod are on every street corner along with Apple computers. But how is Apple doing on the stock market considering it hasn’t produced a lot of new stuff since the death of Steve Jobs. Maybe it will be doing just fine with new goals of expanding worldwide. Let’s take a look.

Trading well on stock market

USA Today points out that Apple has been reaching all time highs on the stock market recently during trading. This indicates that the company has a strong following of believers who think it will be successful no matter what challenges come. There has been quite a bit of optimism surrounding the company recently because of a few deals it has been making worldwide to cell phone manufacturers everywhere. If you couldn’t get an iPhone on your mobile carrier before, you will probably be able to do so now or can do so very soon. Especially if you live in China.

Japan and China

NTT DoCoMo in Japan is a large network carrier that just recently started carrying iPhones. This brought much more of the world’s phone network to Apple and offered more opportunity to expand. For so long, Apple seemed stuck in the US, but now it can go anywhere. In fact, a new deal with China’s largest wireless network carrier China Mobile is brewing. This potential deal is another reason why stock prices are increasing. If China Mobile starts offering service with the iPhone, Apple will have a huge increase in its number of customers.

If you could only choose one way to expand a company, getting it sold in China is definitely the way to do it. With over a billion people in the country all trying to buy the latest and greatest things, it was definitely a smart move for Apple to start trying to move that way. Apple wants to become a worldwide provider to help boost sales, so that is what it seems to be currently working on.

Even Apple still uses SMS

Your business would do well to keep focusing on text marketing and building your business through SMS considering the expansion of smartphones that Apple is trying to achieve. The main goal at Apple is not currently to steal customers from other manufacturers but to gain access to new customers. Mobile advertising may become the most powerful tool you have to reaching your customers throughout the whole world if this trend continues. Whether you are trying to sell globally to places like Japan and China or you are just trying to advertise to the people in your city, it can’t hurt to stay ahead of the trend and use text marketing. Most adults have cell phones, whether they are smartphones or not, and most of them will be happy to see all the offers currently at your store.


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