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Apps are a Driving Force of Mobile Marketing
Scott Navratil

There’s an app for that! It’s no secret that apps are becoming a major part of the mobile marketing world.  As technology advances, more and more applications are being created to make life easier for consumers and mobile marketers alike.  Unfortunately many businesses do not take advantage of application technology because it doesn’t seem as easy as SMS marketing.  Apps actually make companies more accessible to their consumers, which ultimately results in a bigger customer base.  Several companies have already seen success in marketing using applications.  Paired with SMS marketing, applications take mobile marketing to a whole new level.

McDonalds’ new marketing app

McDonald’s is one example of a company that uses app marketing to its benefit.  According to Mobile Marketer, McDonald’s has created an app reality game promoting the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil.  The app requires customers to use the packaging of several of McDonalds’ menu items promoting those specific items as well as bringing in business for the company – mobile marketing at its finest.  McDonald’s isn’t the only company who has seen success using this type of mobile marketing.  Mobile Marketer encourages businesses to use applications for marketing because, just as we’ve seen with McDonald’s, it is yet another way to drive brand value.

Applications vs. texting

SMS is clearly one of the easiest ways of mobile marketing, and should not be ruled out when being compared to applications.  According to Marketing Land, text messaging is the quickest and most effective way of mobile marketing, and it should be an essential part of mobile marketing strategies for most businesses.  Applications simply enhance the mobile marketing experience for consumers and companies by reaching out to a larger consumer base without as much of an effort from the business itself.

Text messages are a more personal form of marketing reaching out to specific customers.  There are several barriers mobile marketers have to get through in order to build the trust of their customers to get them to sign up to receive mobile messages.  Even when customers are signed up to receive text messages from companies, the content capacity of a text message is limited.  Apps are a great addition to text messages when it comes to marketing because they have the capacity for as much information as the business needs them to have.  Apps give consumers the access to mobile marketing on their own terms as well, ultimately gaining their trust right away.  Because of the simplicity of text messages and applications, companies have the ability to market easily and efficiently.  Using both technologies is the perfect balance of mobile marketing for any type of company.



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