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Artificial Intelligence: An Aid in Marketing
Scott Navratil

With advanced technology becoming increasingly less expensive and more capable, artificial intelligence is no longer just a convenience in the workplace; it is now a necessity. It is the hot thing right now. Every business is finding ways to incorporate it into their work environment. One such way is through the way we are marketing. It may come as a surprise that AI can actually work extremely well in a marketing environment. Here are a couple of advantages to working with an artificial intelligence company and getting it set up for your marketing department.

More time for real employees

If you have technology taking over all your most mundane tasks such as sending emails, communicating with customers, and running statistic reports, you can save your real employees for more complex thinking situations. Your advertising team will end up getting more information to use in making decisions while also having more time in their day to actually think about and come up with marketing plans. More time for humans means more creativity and better work.

AI becoming more normal for consumers

As more AI is being used in communicating through customers, whether through text, email, social media, and chats, consumers are getting more used to it. Rather than searching out specific companies or products that they want, they much prefer to be advertising that is specific to their particular situation. At first, we saw some resistance from people who were worried about their privacy, but the more people have had AI determining their advertising, the more they are used to it and happy with the results.

In turn, you are able to advertise to specific customers at specific times and with specific needs. Instead of having to send one piece of advertising out to all customers hoping it will reach them all in the same way, you can advertise to each one differently. A family advertisement is sent to families while dog lovers get one directed towards them. It is more effective for your company, and the customer prefers it too.

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