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How automated texts can help your city
Scott Navratil
One of the most difficult things for cities to do is spread information. In fact, the only way to warn people of a natural disaster or let parents know a school is shut down is through the news. And the only way to reach everyone is by going to each and every house to do so. Of course, you could instead get all the citizens registered on a texting system to allow for easier transmission of information. Here are a few ways the city you live in could use texting.

Taking 911 texts

In an emergency situation, it may be easier and more discrete for someone in an emergency to text you. Many cities are switching to take 911 texts, according to In fact, Texas City is the most recent one to make the switch. Of course, is it easier to get quick information through a call, so call is always better, but allowing for texts in situations where calling is not always possible could help a lot.

Automated emergency alerts

When a big storm is coming and the threat of a power outage could leave your citizens cold in winter, having an automated texting system could literally save lives. By warning them that a power outage is expected within the next couple of hours, they can prepare by getting extra blankets and candles for light. It would also be helpful for the power companies to be able to send automated texts to customers during a power outage explaining the problem and when power is expected to come back on. This could save those companies from hundreds of calls.

School system texting

On a cold winter morning when it has snowed a little too much, how do you let parents know that school is cancelled? You can send morning texts before they get their kids ready. It would also be a good way to let parents know if there was any kind of school-wide emergency they need to be aware of, like a fire or shooting. Otherwise, most parents wait until they’ve heard it on the news or gotten a text from their kids.

Automated response system

When people text to ask about city hall hours or how to get to the courthouse, you don’t want to have to spend hours texting or calling them back. To create more efficiency and spend less tax dollars, you can simply set up a new texting platform to allow people to text in their questions. It may take a while for people to catch on and realize how the system works, but it will ultimately be a much more efficient way to answer people’s questions.

Get more involvement

If you send out reminder texts that a town meeting is taking place or that elections are happening, you’ll get a lot more involvement. Honestly, a lot of people don’t participate in those things because they don’t know anything about them and not because they don’t want to be involved. You’ll be able to get a much more involved community if you can just spread the word about the things that are happening.

Chantel Fullilove

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