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Avoid Comcast Customer Service Mistakes
Scott Navratil

Comcast has great Internet,  but customers flock away from the company whenever possible. With bad customer service, all it takes is one bad experience for a customer to be willing to leave. Comcast has ranked in the top 10 companies for worst customer service for years, and even as it is trying to repair relationships and make improvements, it still isn’t making much progress. You can learn a lot about what not to do from them. Here are the the Comcast customer service mistakes you should avoid.

Do not badger your customers

The worst mistakes made by Comcast representatives are related to badgering the customer during phone calls. In one instance, the customer was on the line for 20 minutes trying to get them to cancel his service. The representative continually asked to explain why he wanted it cancelled before finally agreeing to cancel the service.

When training your customer service staff, make sure they understand that continually asking the same questions instead of fulfilling customer requests is not the way to go.

Do not make phone calls harder than they need to be

A customer is already going to be stressed out if they have to call in instead of doing something simpler like text customer service. To make a call, a customer has to set aside time in their day with no distractions, which can be very difficult to do. So when they call in, they want to be able to easily understand the person on the other end, and they don’t want to be transferred around over and over.
Comcast makes the mistake of giving you representatives with heavy accents that often don’t have the ability to do anything for you, so it leads to a lot of wait time and a lot of getting transferred around.

Do not ignore customer loyalty

First time customers are valuable because they can turn into long time customers. But that’s no excuse to ignore the ones who have been with you for 10 years already. Comcast is notorious for raising prices and not being willing to work with their customers. There is no loyalty program available, and, in fact, long time customers often get treated like garbage, especially when they call to cancel current plans. It is so bad, in fact, that customers hate Comcast customer service more than the IRS.

Instead, you can treat long time customers as royalty. Send them text marketing promotions to thank them for being with you, and make sure you recognize they are valuable to your company.

Avoid nickeling and diming your customers

Comcast offers a legitimate service that people need, and they make a lot of money off of it. So nickeling and diming customers for charges they shouldn’t have can really annoy them and isn’t good for customer retention. There have been many stories of customers being led on about internet service just to find out it was going to cost too much or being asked to pay ridiculous fees to cancel their service. Customers want to valued and appreciated, so if you can’t do that, you’ll lose them pretty quickly.

Chantel Fullilove

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