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How to avoid the most common SMS mistakes
Scott Navratil

As a business owner, you know that with any new venture, you’re going to make mistakes. The same goes with marketing. When you launch a new marketing campaign, you will make mistakes. Some are bigger than others. This is also the case with SMS marketing. Mistakes with SMS marketing can lose you a few customers, and it could even lead to a lawsuit. While you’re sure to make some mistakes, here are some tips for avoiding some of the most common (and severe) ones.

Texting without permission

As SMS marketing mistakes go, this is one of the worst. Text message marketing is regulated by federal law. Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) you must have consumers’ permission before you send them a text. If you do not get this permission, you could be fined or even face a lawsuit. Make sure you understand the regulations surrounding SMS marketing before you launch your campaign.

Forgetting to announce yourself

When your customers get a text from your company, they see a short code, a 6 digit number. Unless you announce who you are, there’s a good chance your audience won’t be able to figure it out. You can give them a great coupon for 50% off and they won’t redeem it because they won’t know where to redeem it.

Spelling errors

While not as serious as other mistakes on this list, spelling errors can be detrimental for your brand’s image. Since you’re paying for every text you send, you better make sure your spelling and grammar are perfect. Proofread your message before you send it. On a related note, don’t use text slang. Like misspellings, slang reflects poorly on your brand.

Unclear message

People text because it’s a quick and concise form of communication. It avoids many of the pleasantries of spoken communication and even email. Consumers have come to expect that commercial texts will likewise be short and to the point. Don’t weigh down your texts with unnecessary information. Have a clear purpose for your text and make sure every word is aimed at achieving that purpose. In addition to sending a clear, concise text, make sure you include a clear and concise call-to-action.


Business owners new to SMS marketing are often unsure of how often they should be texting their customers. There’s a fine line between texting too much and texting too little. You don’t want to text so little that your customers forget about you between texts. At the same time, however, no one likes getting texts multiple times a day from the same brand. Find a good middle ground that works for you.


Just as important as the frequency of your texts is the timing of them. Obviously, your customers will not appreciate being texted late at night or in the morning. But even if you’re texting in the afternoon, it may be the wrong time for your message and your audience. Think about your audience and your call-to-action. In many cases, there is a specific time of day, or a specific day of the week where that message will be the most effective.


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