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More bad news from Apple Watch: Release date pushed
Scott Navratil

The release of the Apple Watch has been on everyone’s minds, especially as we near the holiday season. As people contemplate buying gifts for family and loved ones, a lot of them were hoping to either give or receive the gift of an Apple Watch. However, that dream was crushed when Apple announced it wouldn’t be putting the watch on the market until early next year. But has the dream of owning an Apple Watch been crushed again, as the tech giant pushes the date until springtime?

Waiting until spring

Springtime seems forever away, especially for those who are just barely hitting the fall and winter weather and need a pick me up. So it is especially annoying for people to hear rumors of the Apple Watch not being released until Spring 2015, according to Daily Tech. The long wait might be too long for some people and might even drive them to other brands of smartwatches as their patience grows thin. It almost seems like Apple should have waited another year to announce and release the watch rather than making the announcement and giving false hope to so many fans who were waiting for a watch to get released. Many of them are more upset about not being able to get it anytime soon than they would have been waiting a little longer for the announcement. But Apple was likely feeling stressed as other manufacturers were releasing smartwatches.

Will Apple Watch be the wearable technology push we need?

Once the Apple Watch is finally here, the change to smartwatches in regular, everyday use could be here as well. People are hesitant to make the switch because costs are so high or because they aren’t sure how well the technology will really work. But Apple fans are very trusting and willing to try new Apple technology, which might lead to more people willing to try wearable technology. Come spring of 2015, if the Apple Watch actually gets released, we may see a huge change in how people buy and use smartwatches. It’s only a matter of time before smartwatches become the norm just like smartphones are now the norm.

Marketing with smartwatches

As the Apple Watch makes smartwatches the norm, you will need to market to your customers through them. You need to start working on it now to be prepared for the change in the future. The best way to prepare now is through a text marketing strategy. Not only will it allow you to market to all cell phones right now, it will also keep you prepared for smartwatch changes. One of the biggest features of the smartwatch that people love is the fact that it receives texts straight to your wrist, so you can answer them faster. This is why text marketing is so essential to prepare for wearable technology. You’ll be able to reach your customers faster than ever when the smartwatch becomes the norm.


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