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Benefits of Targeted Mobile Marketing
Scott Navratil

Mobile marketing is becoming more popular as mobile technology becomes more advanced.  Companies face the daily challenge of coming up with new and creative ways to reach their mobile consumer market.  Currently, SMS and interactive application advertisements are the most popular forms of mobile marketing, and companies are constantly coming up with innovative ways to use these forms of mobile marketing to their benefit.  Consumers use their smartphones and tablets for just about everything these days, including shopping, which means business is expanding for many companies.  Mobile advertising is nearly a necessity now when consumer smartphone usage is considered.  While reaching out to as many consumers as possible through marketing techniques is important, another important part of marketing is creating a loyal consumer base, and companies do that by personalizing their advertisements for their consumers.

It is no secret that consumers like to be appreciated.  Most of the time if consumers feel like they are just another number, they don’t feel that they have any loyalty to the company, and if a “better” company comes along they are quick to make the change.  When companies create personalized marketing campaigns for a targeted consumer base, it is more likely that those consumers will stay loyal to the company.  While personalizing advertisements might seem overwhelming to companies, it is actually quite simple.  Rather than catering each advertisement to a specific consumer (because that is impossible for most companies), companies can target specific genders, age groups, or attitudes, making those groups of consumers feel important to the company.  Targeting specific consumer types is a great way for companies to build a loyal consumer base.

Mobile ads are becoming more popular

The majority of consumers who own smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices actually prefer to shop online, which is great news for mobile marketers.  Mobile advertisements used to be a nuisance to consumers, but now that online shopping is so popular, mobile advertisements are actually encouraged by consumers.   According to Mobile Marketer 83 percent of Millennials and Generation X consumers like the idea of mobile advertising, and benefit greatly from it.  This is great news for companies because the online market is another way they can expand business, but it also means that companies need to come up with new and creative ways to reach out to consumers and capture their attention.  Personalized mobile advertisements are the perfect way to market because it gives companies more ways to be creative with their advertising.


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