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The best of the best use mobile apps
Scott Navratil

Sometimes, it seems like we live in a Sci-Fi novel, doesn’t it? We have so much technology around us, and it just keeps getting better. Businesses are constantly innovating and changing their business model to meet the new demands. The best businesses, though, use mobile apps. Whether they are to help run your business or apps your business created, mobile apps should be a part of your business model if you want to succeed. Just ask LinkedIn.

LinkedIn introduces new app

New apps have just been announced by LinkedIn in order to reach an audience that is on the go, according to USA Today. In the last ten years or so, the number of people using smartphones has increased exponentially, including about 33 percent of LinkedIn visitors that use their mobile device to browse. For LinkedIn, this meant they needed to provide more ways to use LinkedIn from a phone, and that was what led to the LinkedIn Intro app.

What does the app do

This app is a way for LinkedIn to link your email account with its services. If you ever receive an email from someone, their LinkedIn profile will show up at the bottom of the email, so you can easily click and review who that person is. It is a quick and easy way to figure out who exactly is emailing you and what they might want. According to The Verge, it is fairly non-intrusive and doesn’t allow you to see anything unless the sender has a LinkedIn account. If you want a better way to stay connected professionally, trying out the app is the way to go.

Connecting your business

If you own a small business and don’t have a LinkedIn account, try thinking about. LinkedIn is just one of the places people will look to get more information on your business and determine whether or not it is a trusted company. If you are trying to sell a service or expensive items, gaining trust with your customers may be the only way to get them to take a leap and make the purchase.

Other business apps to try

Another way to keep your business is connected is to ensure you have other apps to help your business succeed. You can get apps to help you keep track of customers or apps to keep your texting in check. If you get a texting app, make sure it is one that allows for recognition of responses instead of just sending messages. It is important to let your customers communicate with you in a way they feel comfortable. It will encourage more communication since they will be able to quickly send a message without having to wait on the phone for ten minutes for someone to get to their call. The automated responded based on keyword recognition is just a bonus because it means you have to do less work. Having great customer service is a lot easier if you can quickly respond to questions without making them wait for the next person.


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