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Bettering Customer Service through SMS Messages
Scott Navratil

In 2014, a study was conducted that looked at people’s preferences in terms of customer service. The results were enlightening for any company or organization that has a customer service department or team.

81 percent of study participants expressed frustration at having to wait for customer service while towing a phone and/or computer in hand. Of the study participants who had phones with text messaging capabilities, 64 percent expressed interest in the ability to send customer service requests through simple text messages. 48 percent of survey participants said it would be convenient for them if companies offered customer service assistance via text messages. Survey participants suggested a preference in being able to use text messages to check an order status, schedule an appointment, make or confirm reservations, ask questions, find business locations, check balances and due dates, and other tasks or customer service activities.

The study is outdated by a few years, but since SMS messaging continues to be used by millions of people on a daily basis, we can assume that the generalities still apply. Gone are the days where people are willing to hold a phone to their ear for thirty minutes so they can receive customer service assistance. People want immediate results. SMS messaging offers just that.

SMS Messaging and Customer Service

Despite the limitations of space, text messaging provides a great forum for customer service. Think about the simplicity of website chat services. When you go to a website and a chat box appears asking if the person needs help, immediately, they can type in a question and get an immediate response. SMS messages provide the same timeliness without the work of going to the website. If a customer wants to check up on a package they ordered, they can text a simple message, like “John Doe’s order status update?” Then a few moments later, they will receive a message in their inbox saying, “Order packaged and ready to be shipped. Estimated delivery for Friday.” Customers like immediate answers and SMS messages provide a simple solution for immediate answering.

AI-Powered Messaging

SMS messaging is the perfect way to better communicate with customers.  AI chatbots through SMS messaging platforms provide an even better way to reach customers and provide them the customer service they need. AI chatbots have the ability to automate basic customer service requests. Questions that are commonly asked can be responded do with the AI chatbots. And since AI chatbots learn with experience, they can answer more than just basic questions. They will be able to provide full customer service conversations to better your response time and the reach of your response.

Chantel Fullilove

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