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BlackBerry Passport mixes old and new
Scott Navratil

BlackBerry is working hard to increase profits and gain back customers it has lost in the last few years. After the recent announcement that the mobile manufacturer was working specifically with businesses to create relationships and build up its network of users, a new phone has been released. The BlackBerry Passport might be everything you need making working from your phone just a little easier.

The old and the new

One thing BlackBerry has done with this new phone is combine old ideas with new ones. Of course, there is a large touchscreen, as you would expect from any smartphone these days. The difference is that there is a small, three line keyboard at the bottom of the screen. It’s not just a keyboard you can put up and take down, but it is a permanent keyboard like you used to find on old BlackBerry phones. This allows a user to type a little easier without worrying about touch capabilities. On top of that, it focuses the phone on business uses rather than games and fun apps. This touch-enabled physical keyboard, as the Telegraph refers to it, is an innovation that could be very well-received in the business world.


Some people don’t like the idea of the BlackBerry Passport because they feel like they are going back in time rather than taking a step forward. However, a lot of businesses like the idea that it is targeted towards working rather than playing. As a company trying to get back in good graces with businesses, BlackBerry has specifically worked on making the phone work better for business owners and the workers who are using it. Some people also like the fact that the small keyboard at the bottom of the screen makes it so you don’t use half your screen as a keyboard later when trying to type an email or send a text. Others would rather have the ability to use their whole screen all the time and feel as if the BlackBerry Passport is just huge and bulky.

Texting interface easier

The business world is constantly changing to incorporate more technology and make things as efficient as possible. That is why many businesses are providing smartphones to all their employees with texting capabilities. They want to be able to quickly and easily share information through texting. That is why it is so important for your business to get an automated texting platform. You can easily contact your workers with important information they may need by selecting the group which you’d like to text. It also allows them to get information about where to go or what to do either on the job or at company trainings. Whether it is to make it easier to contact those within your company or to contact your customers, a texting platform will always be the most effective way to communicate important information.


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