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Carriers would rather sell the iPhone
Scott Navratil

Do  you think that cell phone carriers have a favorite phone? For example, you probably have a phone you think is the best and would recommend everyone buy. The only problem for a cell phone carrier is that they still have to offer a lot of options if they are going to get all the different customers with all the different preferences. Is there a favorite phone though? In fact, most carriers would pick the iPhone to sell every time if they could. It is definitely the favorite phone.

Is it the popularity?

Some people might instantly assume that the iPhone’s popularity is the biggest reason why carriers would rather sell the iPhone. With millions of people buying iPhones and always picking iPhone over everything else, that is definitely an incentive. There are a lot of phones to choose from, but nothing sells as well as the iPhone. Having a product that is guaranteed to sell out every time is a great thing for cell phone carriers that are obviously just trying to sell off more phones every day. But the truth is, the popularity of the phone isn’t the main reason. Yes, maybe it’s a nice little perk, but there may be another reason why carriers like the iPhone so much.

Unlimited data? Not so much

The cell phone carriers that offer unlimited data plans might not be as keen on the iPhone as everyone else, but those with data limits are loving it. Studies have shown that iPhone users use significantly more data than anyone else, according to Value Walk. If you own a smartphone and use half as much data as your iPhone counterpart, then obviously the mobile carrier would prefer to have you on the iPhone over anything else. They would rather you be using up as much data as possible, so they can charge you extra cash.

Mostly for newer phones

The other part of the survey explained that people use much more data on their newer phones than they do on their older phones, which makes sense because you’ll spend a lot more time playing with a new phone to get used to it and figure out all your features than your older phone. On top of that, using a newer phone usually means it has a bigger screen and is more user-friendly towards data usage. Carriers are more than happy to help you get a new phone anytime you want because it means you’ll probably be paying extra fees for more data usage, but they would most definitely prefer you get an iPhone over the other new phones to ensure even more data usage.

How much data do you use?

Some people use a lot of data to stream movies and regularly download stuff, but a lot of people don’t use data hardly at all. If you are going to work from your phone and need to use data a lot, you’re probably going to want a larger screen and nicer phone like the iPhone. But if you’re just going to use the phone for calling, texting, and the occasional email check, you can probably get away with getting a cheaper phone and a cheaper data plan.

Source: Value Walk

Chantel Fullilove

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