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Cat S60 phone to push limits with thermal camera
Scott Navratil

Every year, mobile phone makers have been pushing the limits and trying to find new and improved ways to use a smartphone. This has led to a lot of new inventions in the last few years including things such as fingerprint scanning passwords, Apple’s exceptional locking functionality (the same one that is being argued about by government agencies), nearly waterproof phones, and even some of the best cameras possible. There have also plenty of apps developed to work with these functions to give people even more out of their smartphones. Now we are seeing even more development with a thermal camera in the Cat S60.

Specs on Cat S60

FLIR is the maker of the embedded thermal camera, and you can expect a lot from them given they are leading the rest in thermal imaging technology, according to Android Authority. This kind of camera will allow you to see how well your insulation is working around your home or find cracks around windows or doors to help reduce loss of heat or air conditioning. You will have the ability to see through smoke and in the dark with the camera, making it an awesome new feature. The apps that could be developed to work with this type of camera are endless, meaning you could potentially use this in working situations as well as average everyday use within the home.

The Cat S60 will also be coming with wet finger and glove support, which is important for people who like to access their phones while working or underwater. Did I mention it will be the most waterproof phone yet? Meaning you can take pictures underwater, which might be a good feature paired with the thermal camera. It will run on an Android operating system coming initially with Marshmallow 6.0. The front-facing camera is going to have 5MP while the rear facing camera will be at 13 MP. With 32 GB on board storage and 3 GB of RAM, this phone is ready to run and store anything you might possibly need on it, making it the perfect new phone option in the market.

To be introduced at MWC

This week, we’ll get to see the S60 in person at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, according to Android Authority. Though the Cat S60 was introduced this week, it will be shown off with more details this week. MWC is one of the largest electronics trade shows where tech companies throughout the world gather to show off all of their newest stuff. There are many things announced at this show, though most companies are just there to show the products off they have been promising already. We’ll see large players such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Cat, HTC, and many more companies introducing their products. This year’s show will be from Feb 22 to Feb 25.

Sources: Android Authority

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