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Catering to Your Market
Scott Navratil

Marketing options for companies are expanding so substantially that many companies are struggling to keep up.  With so many marketing options, you would think it would be easier than ever for companies to advertise, however, there is extreme difficulty in determining which marketing tactics are most effective.  Mobile marketing is perhaps one of the most popular forms of advertising today most likely because it is the easiest way to reach a broad number of consumers.  Most people in the United States have access to smartphones, tablets, computers, or other forms of technology where they can view mobile advertisements.  Companies are smart to take advantage of these technologies to get the word out about their products.  But along with the convenience and ease of mobile marketing comes challenges.  Because mobile marketing is so popular, companies constantly have to come up with creative ways to mobile market in order to keep consumers interested.  Banner ads at the top of popular websites are not enough to draw consumers’ attention anymore.  There are several creative tactics when it comes to mobile marketing, companies just need to find out which ways will connect to their consumers the most.

Connecting with customers

If you have ever been in an H&M retail store, you know that music is part of their identity.  H&M has come up with a new mobile marketing tactic that reflects this part of their company and connects with their consumers.  According to Mobile Marketer, H&M now has an interactive mobile application that consumers can download to their smartphones or tablets where they can customize music playlists based on their fashion style.  They can listen to their personalized playlists while shopping on the H&M website or in an H&M retail store.  Consumers can also share their playlists on social media sites to win prizes.  If consumers are not quite sure what type of clothing they are looking for, they can listen to other playlists that have been coordinated with certain H&M fashion trends as a way to encourage them to purchase those items.  H&M has clearly figured out how to use mobile marketing to connect with their consumers as the new application has proven successful so far.  Interactive applications are a great way for companies to reach out and connect with their consumers, especially interactive apps that reflect the values and identity of the company.  Loyal consumers do not like to be seen as just another number, rather a part of the company, so connecting with consumers will only enhance business and build a loyal consumer base.


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