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Cell Phone Commandments for Manufacturers
Scott Navratil

In the mobile world, staying on top means having the next best thing. One bad idea can lead to a company’s destruction while one good idea will lead to the top. This is something every mobile manufacturer has experienced as they compete with one another and try to beat the competition. There are just a few things every Cell Phone company should be doing if they are going to be successful.

Thou shalt copy thy neighbor

The first thing any successful mobile carrier needs to do is copy what other successful phones do. If touch screens are popular right now, copy it. Just because it wasn’t your idea doesn’t mean you can’t be just as successful using it. Besides, customers expect all phones to meet a certain standard, and having the next best thing is part of that. This is something Samsung is doing right now as it announced a gold case, copying iPhone’s recent announcement about colored phones, according to PCMagazine. And guess what. Samsung will probably sell more phones by copying Apple.

Thou shalt overcharge

Every phone company charges quite a bit more than it actually costs to make the phone. Of course, a business has to make money, but there is a difference between making a living and cheating people out of their hard-earned cash. But, if you can do it, why not? According to Computer World, Apple is again charging way more for the iPhone than it actually costs to product. If people are willing to pay it, you should do it.

Thou shalt market exclusively

The ability to get your phone in a market where people want it because they can’t have it is pretty difficult. Having a nice phone with expensive prices is not enough. If people don’t know your phone exists, they don’t even get a chance to want it. You need to start with marketing the phone while making it look like something only the best people get. If you can convince your audience they are getting the best in the market, they will be willing to pay just a little bit extra for that phone.

Thou shalt be user friendly

If people can get your cell phone and use it with ease, they are more likely to want it again and tell their friends. Making your cell phone user friendly means it is easier for the customer to find and read texts, use email, and do whatever they want with it. One reason why Apple isn’t doing as well is because users are restricted on what they can do with their phones. Make your phones easy to use and texting capabilities easy for users and consumers, and you will do alright.



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