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Choosing the Right Software for Mobile Marketing
Scott Navratil

Mobile marketing is one of the most popular and effective forms of marketing today thanks to mobile technologies.  The popularity of smartphones and tablets among consumers makes it easy for companies to reach out to them.  The tricky part of mobile marketing is determining which tactic works best.  Companies have found success in SMS advertisements and e-commerce options through their websites, but one of the most popular ways to mobile market is by using interactive applications.  When considering mobile marketing applications, companies rarely think about the importance of the software they use.  There is an ongoing competition between Android and Apple devices, and several companies choose one or the other when creating interactive marketing applications simply to save money.  It is next to impossible to determine which software consumers use most, so companies should consider using both Android and Apple software in order to make sure they are reaching as many consumers as possible. Companies typically hesitate to create applications for both Android and Apple devices because it costs more, but by being able to reach out to a broader consumer base, it most often is worth the extra cost.  If consumers see that companies are not biased when it comes to the software they use, they are likely to see an influx in business.  So even though software might not seem important, it should be on top of the priority list.

Home Finder’s Mobile Marketing Success

According to Mobile Marketer, Home Finder’s interactive marketing application has seen so much success from Apple users that consumers requested they create an application for Android users as well.  Home Finder’s application is an easy to use program for consumers who are looking for real estate.  Consumers can view available properties for sale as well as connect with real estate agents at no cost.  Now that the application is available for Android and Apple users alike, Home Finder agents have seen an increase in traffic and leads ultimately bringing in business.  Not only is Home Finder a consumer favorite, but it also feeds the company information about what consumers are looking for.  Companies are smart to use their mobile marketing strategies to not only impress and bring in consumers, but also to gain information that will help them improve business.  Home Finder’s ultimate goal is to continually improve the mobile experience of their consumers which should be the goal of all companies who have a mobile presence.  Companies who keep up their mobile sites and applications constantly updated will only continue to see business grow because consumers are looking for the newest technologies that will make their lives easier.  If done correctly, companies will see great success from whatever type of mobile marketing they choose to use, but they will not go wrong in making sure they use the software and technology that reaches out to large numbers of consumers.  By using both Android and Apple software, consumers of all types will be happy!


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