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Consumer Engagement through Mobile Marketing
Scott Navratil

It used to be a great challenge for companies to acquire email addresses and phone numbers from their consumers.  Consumers did not like to be bothered by mobile marketing on their mobile devices.  Email addresses were for only the most important people like family and friends.  As technology continues to become more advanced and accessible consumers are not only willing but eager to give their contact information to companies in order to receive mobile advertisements and the best deals for their favorite brands.  Thanks to the popularity of smartphones and tablets consumers prefer to receive advertisements through their devices simply for the convenience.  Mobile technology is a part of most consumers’ homes, which means companies have the opportunity to reach out in the most personal of ways to their consumers.  If this is done correctly without being over bearing or obnoxious companies will not only see in influx in business, but also build a loyal consumer base.  Consumers count on their favorite companies to keep up with the advancement of technology when it comes to mobile marketing.  Interactive applications have become a popular form of mobile marketing because consumers appreciate the opportunity to engage with their favorite brands.  Companies of all types have seen great success from creating interactive apps because consumers have control over the apps preventing them from getting annoyed by mobile marketing, but allowing them to have as much access as they would like to the company.  When considering mobile marketing tactics, interactive apps should be first on their priority list.

Domino’s success with consumer engagement

According to Mobile Marketer in 2006 Domino’s Pizza saw a great decline in business due to lackluster product.  In an attempt to improve business, Domino’s changed their pizza recipes as well as their mobile marketing tactics.  Domino’s addressed their failure to impress their customers through television commercials, and then kept their promise to enhance their customers’ experience with a new and improved website where they could create their own pizzas and watch them be made without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.  Up to this point Domino’s has seen great success from their pizza builder website, but the company realized they needed to become accessible not only from desktops, but also from smartphones and tablets.  Domino’s has created an interactive application with the same features from their website only they enhanced them by adding a 3-D pizza builder, and a pizza tracker so customers know exactly when to expect their pizza.  Because of the change in recipes as well as the mobile technology and marketing upgrades, Domino’s has seen a great rise in business.  Consumers like to be involved with their favorite brands and interactive applications are a great way to engage with them.  Companies tend to hesitate when it comes to spending money on interactive marketing applications, but companies have seen great success from them simply because of the consumer engagement, so they are well worth any money and time required.


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