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Convenience of mobile: good for text marketing
Scott Navratil

This year on Black Friday, there may be fewer crowds in the stores, and it may be easier to get around. Between stores offering sales at different times of the day and online shopping, you may run into a few less people. It will still be plenty crowded, but people have found a way to make shopping for Christmas deals much easier. Part of this has to do with cell phones. Text marketing makes it easier for people to find the sales they want and easily plan where they are going to shop.

It’s about knowing where you want to go

Forbes points out that holiday shopping is a lot easier and takes much less time when you know exactly what you want and where you are going to go to get it. No more waiting for ads to come out the day before Black Friday. In fact, most of the ads have already been released. The planning has already begun for most people. Then, with smartphones, it is way easier to keep track of where you are going and when sales start at the different stores. With the easiest planning possible, shopping has become much more streamlined.

Much calmer atmosphere

Have you noticed how the holiday season doesn’t seem nearly as stressful this year? People don’t seem to be freaking out about the deals quite as much. In fact, everyone is fairly calm about the whole ordeal. According to Forbes, this feeling is due to the fact that people aren’t feeling pressured into “buy it now” marketing this year. In fact, text marketing and other mobile marketing techniques let people relax, compare, and then make a decision.

A note to all businesses

When working on your text marketing techniques for Christmas, try to keep in line with what other retailers are doing. Don’t make your customers feel stressed out with a fifteen minute shopping timeline or by only having a few sale items in stock. Try and give everyone something to buy at a discount. If everyone feels like they can get something good, they are more likely to come in for the day and buy a lot of things. You will make much more money. Then give them some time to get it.

Text marketing perfect example

Start by deciding what kind of deal you want to offer. Maybe send a coupon for 50% off one item, even items already on sale. There’s nothing that makes a customer angrier than getting a coupon, going to use it, and finding out it really only applies to a few things in the store. Since everyone gets it, nobody feels left out. Then, tell them the coupon is good through the weekend. You are giving them enough of a limit to feel like they need to come in but not so small that they feel rushed. This is the perfect way to start your holiday season marketing, and you had better get started today!



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