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Creative Ways to Mobile Market
Scott Navratil

Mobile marketing is the most popular form of advertising these days, and companies are at constant competition with one another to come up with the most creative ways to do so.

With the majority of consumers owning smartphones and tablets, it is a pretty simple task to reach out to them on a personal basis, creating loyal relationships.  

But what happens when consumers become bored with the same old mobile weekly advertisements? We no longer live in a patient society, meaning companies must constantly be on their toes making sure they regularly come up with new marketing ideas to keep their consumers interested.

Interactive applications are one of the most popular forms of mobile marketing, and several companies have tapped the app world.  Consumers like mobile marketing because of its convenience, and applications are definitely convenient.  Consumers have full control over the use of applications, and when they are interactive consumers spend more time with them.  

Companies often worry that creating interactive applications for marketing purposes is costly and time consuming.  What these companies do not realize is that they generate business and once they are up and running they generally take care of themselves.  

With the advancement of technology, companies must become involved with mobile marketing if they want to see the same success as those companies already taking advantage of mobile marketing.

How companies are coming up with mobile marketing ideas

Mobile marketing tactics should reflect the overall values of the company.  It is easy for consumers to become lost in the exciting features of interactive applications and forget about the actual business behind them.  The applications should promote the business in every way possible.  

According to Mobile Marketer, Lowes has come up with a great way to entertain their mobile consumers through an interactive application while promoting their products.  Their application known as the “Lowes Holoroom” uses 3D technology to show consumers what certain products would look like in their homes.  

By uploading a photo of a room in their home, consumers can test out which products would fit and look good in that room.  Not only is it fun for consumers to virtually remodel their homes, they also get to browse through Lowes products, which ultimately benefits the company because their products are being promoted.

Lowes’ interactive application is a great example of how companies can successfully mobile market in creative and fun ways.  If companies take the time to come up with unique ways to reach their consumers, they will see their business grow.  

Companies truly cannot go wrong by choosing to become part of the mobile marketing world, especially if they reach out to their consumers in creative ways.


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