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Customer Service: 3 Ways to Go the Extra Mile
Scott Navratil

Having the best customer service means providing more than just what the customer expects. It is valuable because it builds a customer relationship that is strong enough to withstand a mistake here and there. No customer is ever going to leave a place they know works extra hard to treat them right. But how exactly do you go that extra mile? Here are 3 ways your business can do so.

1. Use Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is extremely beneficial in customer service departments. It can communicate with customers for you when they have simple questions leaving customer service representatives to working solely with the clients who need them the most. A computer can also benefit your customer service department by allowing artificial intelligence to listen to conversations and generate recommendations for what to say next that the customer will most likely want to hear. Overall, this is going to create a much better atmosphere and will give customers more than the basic customer service expectations.

2. Train to meet customer needs

Most businesses train employees to simply say, what do you need and then try to accomodate. However, a person who is giving 110% customer service to customers will ask their needs and meet basic requirements, but they will also meet needs a customer might not ask about. For example, if a fast food employee sees a customer drop their food on the ground, jumping to clean it up and making them a new meal goes above and beyond the basic expectations. Another example would be a hotel employee who goes to pick up a guest’s luggage they forgot at home, so they don’t have to stress about having no clothes during their stay. It’s not something that is expected, but extra things that show you really care about them will gain you a customer for life.

3. Inspire employees

One of the best ways to get your employees motivated and working harder to give the best customer service experience is by inspiring them. Showcase an example of superb customer service once a week or have people recognized in training meetings. Just like how smiling at someone can cause a chain reaction of smiles, a good act of customer service can inspire employees to want to go above and beyond. You don’t have to necessarily even showcase amazing acts of customer service in your own company, so as to avoid it feeling like a sort of reward system. Even talking about things other people have done in other businesses should be enough to motivate employees to step up and do more for your valuable customers.

Chantel Fullilove

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