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Developing customer trust: A key to marketing
Scott Navratil

There are a lot of opportunities to get customers out there. Sometimes you are getting new customers who don’t have any knowledge of the industry while other times you are trying to steal from a competitor. No matter which of these you are currently working on, there is one important key to marketing that any business can use: customer trust. It is no secret that a customer who trusts you more is more likely to use your products or service. But the real question is how you can develop that trust.


Staying personal with your customers is going to be one of the most effective ways to gain and maintain a trusting relationship. Online businesses, especially, have to focus on creating trust because a customer doesn’t want to give up valuable bank card or credit card information to just anyone. By getting personal and making them realize they are doing business with people rather than a business, you’ll get a lot more loyal customers, according to CMS Wire. One thing you can do is ensure that there are no safety hazards for customers coming to your site. Avoid all the extra spam on the side of the screen, and pay for a professional to design your site, so it doesn’t look like a scam. You can also use automated texting platforms that allow your customers to text you for easy answers to their questions. The faster and easier it is for them to get their questions answered on a personalized level, the quicker you’ll be able to develop that relationship and trust you need to continue a long-lasting customer/business relationship.

Get to know your customers

One way to better develop personalization and trust with customers is by getting to know them better. More than likely, your customers are used to using technology, which means advertising to them through technology should be your first goal. They trust forms of communication they are more comfortable with or that they know better. By using text marketing with your customers, you are helping the develop trust with your brand because you are knowledgeable in the technology industry enough to market to them in a way they know and understand. They will also learn to trust you more with the more personalized texts they can send and receive from you, which means being able to send an automated text with the store hours after they text in to ask what time you are open will go a long ways in developing that relationship.

Train your customer service reps

If you have people answering phones or having any contact with your customers, you need to train them, so they are ready for anything. They should be trained on how to act polite with customers no matter what and how and when to reach out to customers. It’s not just about selling in today’s world. It’s also about the experience.


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