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The Difference Between iBeacon and SMS, and How to Integrate Them
Scott Navratil

When mobile marketing first started becoming a popular form of marketing SMS advertisements were a company’s go-to in order to reach their consumers through their mobile devices.  SMS advertising is still a popular mobile marketing tactic, but now there is heavy competition with other forms such as interactive applications and iBeacon technologies.  Many companies believe that SMS advertising is more complicated than other forms of mobile marketing because consumers are not always willing to give out their mobile numbers.  The truth is, consumers use their smartphones for just about everything these days, and they are a lot more willing to give out their numbers if they know they will receive discounts and deals for their favorite places.  Companies should not forget SMS advertising because actually it has never been easier.  iBeacon is currently SMS advertising’s leading competition because they are so similar.  iBeacon is a new technology that alerts consumers of special promotions and other deals that companies are having if consumers are close enough to their location.  According to Mobile Marketer many believe that iBeacon is a better choice than SMS advertisements because it allows companies to easily target consumers without missing out on other consumers where SMS advertisements can be too limiting.

The benefit of integrating SMS and iBeacon technologies

SMS and iBeacon technologies are so similar that mobile marketers are coming up with ways to integrate them for a more successful mobile marketing experience.  Professional sports leagues are among the first who are playing around with SMS and iBeacon to see if they can work together to give their consumers the ultimate mobile experience.  In-stadium text promotions have been a big hit for sports fans, and iBeacon only enhances their experience.   SMS is the most personal way to reach consumers and for companies to receive feedback as to what their consumers needs are, and iBeacon has the ability to help companies target messages to a greater number of consumers based on their location, which ultimately keeps SMS advertising controlled.  The integration of SMS and iBeacon is great news for companies that mobile market because it is an easy and successful way to reach a broad number of consumers in a personal way, creating relationships between consumers and companies.  Companies should take advantage of the advancing technology in order to bring in more business.  If companies do not adapt to new technologies that their consumers regularly use, those consumers are likely to take their business elsewhere.  SMS and iBeacon technologies are a great way to relate to consumers and collect data about what consumers are looking for in a company.


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