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E-Cigarette Supersmoker keeps you connected
Scott Navratil

One of the best ways to market to your customers is through mobile marketing. Why, you ask? Because mobile marketing is a way to stay connected with your customers all the time. Since most people use their smartphones for everything, you can bet they’ll get that text message you just sent or see the post you put on Facebook. On top of that, people are only getting more connected to their smartphones with smartwatches, smart jewelry, and even the smart e-cigarette Supersmoker.

Staying connected while smoking

The new e-cigarette Supersmoker is a way to keep yourself connected while taking a smoke break. Supersmoker was developed by a company in the Netherlands and can allow you to make and receive calls while smoking or even stream music during your break, according to the Daily Mail. It does require a BlueTooth connection to your smartphone, but if you’ve got that, you’ll be connected with your mouth. It even comes with a keychain to allow you to hang it and listen to music wherever you may be.

Is it worth it?

With the number of people switching to e-cigarettes, the Supersmoker has a fighting chance to get really popular. On top of the fact that people want e-cigarettes, they also want more ways to easily stay connected to their smartphones. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to pull your phone out of your pocket and answer a phone call while also taking a smoke break. It would be significantly easier to just press a button on the cigarette and have a phone conversation. It was always awkward to answer calls while smoking, but not is may be just a part of your break. It is especially nice for those people who are too busy in the day to make regular phone calls to friends and loved ones. If you’re going to be taking a break anyway, might as well be extra productive with it.

Just getting more creative

Every company is now releasing their own version of a smartwatch, so you can access your smartphone and everything on it all the time with a twist of your wrist. On top of that there’s smart jewelry being produced that will allow you to send a buzz to friends and family by just touching the piece of jewelry. Now, the e-cigarette Supersmoker is out to keep you connected while smoking your cigarettes. Companies are getting more and more creative about their products and connecting them to smartphones. It wouldn’t be too surprising if everything we had began to connect to our smartphones.

Your company needs to get ahead

Have you considered how you are going to make your name with smartphones? Maybe you don’t have to develop a device that connects to smartphones. Instead, you can just always stay connected by putting together a marketing campaign that includes text messaging, emails, social media, and apps. You might just be better off using the technology already available to you instead of creating your own devices. Use smartphones to your advantage, and you’ll bring your company to the front of the technology marketing world.

Source: Daily Mail

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